Left-wing, conservative protesters chant ‘F-ck Joe Biden’

Left-wing and conservative protesters at the University of Alabama united Wednesday to voice their disapproval of President Joe Biden. The protesters, who had gathered to show their support for opposing sides in the conflict between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas, temporarily put aside their differences to repeatedly shout “F-ck Joe Biden!”

Maven Navarro, editor of the University of Alabama’s school newspaper, The Crimson White, shared one video of the united songs. Shortly after 5:30 p.m. Central Time, pro-Palestinian demonstrators and pro-Israel demonstrators converged on the University of Alabama’s Student Center Plaza in chants against the president.

The video shows pro-Palestinian protesters waving Palestinian flags and chanting “F-ck Joe Biden.” Shortly after the pro-Palestinian protesters began chanting, the pro-Israel protesters also began chanting “F-ck Joe Biden.”

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The video of Wednesday’s protest quickly went viral on social media, with nearly 16 million views on X, formerly Twitter, in less than 24 hours.

According to The Crimson White, Wednesday’s pro-Palestinian protest was organized by the University of Alabama’s Leftist Collective. The student body demanded that the university cut all ties with Lockheed Martin, stop using Defense Department funds to conduct research, rename a university building named after a former Lockheed Martin CEO, cut all investments made with the university’s endowment fund and publicly called for a ceasefire in Gaza.

In a press release obtained by WVTM 13, protest leaders said: “As students at the University of Alabama, we can no longer stand by in silent complicity as our institution funds a state-sponsored massacre of Palestinians.”

The press release claimed that the University of Alabama received $10.4 million in funding from the Department of Defense in 2022 and that the university has a “very close relationship with Lockheed Martin.” The pro-Palestinian protesters also claimed that the defense contractor has supplied Israel with a variety of weapons used to “slaughter Palestinians.”

Wednesday’s protest at the University of Alabama comes as pro-Palestinian demonstrators have formed camps at multiple universities across the United States.