Ncuti Gatwa just clapped back at his Doctor Who Haters and it’s damn beautiful

When it comes to the concept and idea of ​​change, resistance always goes hand in hand with it. Anything different will undoubtedly meet resistance from traditionalists. This is something the media is very familiar with. The audience cannot witness the ideals they hold dear being washed away by something new.

ncuti gatwa in doctor whoncuti gatwa in doctor who
Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who

Many shows have become subject to criticism as a result, and the not-so-recent casualty of such conversation is the beloved series Doctor who. Since it was announced that Ncuti Gatwa would be taking on the role of the new Doctor, many fans have become angry. They can’t fathom the idea of ​​the character being permanently played by a black actor.

Gatwa and showrunner Russell T Davies have finally spoken about this, and their answers to the haters are priceless.

Russell T Davies spoke about the theme of the next one Doctor who Season

Recently Russell T. Davies and Ncuti Gatwa gave an interview with Rolling stone, where they touched on the controversy surrounding the new doctor’s race. The showrunner started off by saying that it was time for a progressive change in the series. He specifically said that the bigger and longer running shows often can’t keep up with the changing tides, and that they wanted to change the approach.

“It’s about time.” he continued, “Sometimes big old terrestrial and streaming shows can be slow machines for catching up with the world,” he explained.

ncuti gatwa in doctor who-2ncuti gatwa in doctor who-2
Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who

He went on to say that as a person grows older, he or she tends to remain stuck in their ideologies. They become more resistant to change and learning something new, and that rigidity is reflected in the work they do.

“And I’m getting older now, so you become one of those gatekeepers of television, for lack of a better word, and your job then is to keep the gate open: ‘Come on, everyone!'”

David Tennant's Doctor splits in two to give birth to Ncuti Gatwa's DoctorDavid Tennant's Doctor splits in two to give birth to Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor
David Tennant’s Doctor splits in two to give birth to Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor

Davies didn’t want to be that kind of person and believed he had another responsibility. He wanted to be the other person in power who helped make room for more diversity in areas such as television. He wanted to tell more stories from different perspectives, instead of just focusing on one story.

He also previously talked about how the new season would focus on more progressive themes “If you don’t write that (in 2024), what the hell are you doing?”.

Ncuti Gatwa is not going anywhere

Ncuti Gatwa then added what he thought of the situation. Doctor who is a show that is fundamentally full of change. It follows the protagonist through many eras of human existence and a life like theirs requires adaptability to the changing times. Likewise, despite what many haters might say, he believes that the change the show brings to the cast aligns perfectly with its ideologies.

“That’s what the show does. It evolves and regenerates. I feel like it’s about time, and I’m here. In front of all you damn people out there, I’m not going anywhere.”

Exclusive new look of Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor WhoExclusive new look of Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who
Exclusive new look of Ncuti Gatwa in Doctor Who

It seems the actor also specifically spoke about the hate he received. He started by saying that a Doctor of Color is long overdue. However, his entry is better late than never. Gatwa then stated that he was here to stay, and the haters couldn’t do anything about it. It’s safe to say that such a response is very much in keeping with his character.