Mario Arizti is Minister of Trabajo and Social Seguridad

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Mario Arizti is Minister of Trabajo and Social Seguridad

From the age of 2, Mario Arizti is the new owner of Trabajo and Seguridad Social. In the asunción acto Daniel Pérez posed the cargo of the undersecretary of the cartera. The new ministry that manages the line of the former work appreciates the dialogue of this administration with various social actors and announced the creation of the national system of employment to increase work orientation.

Asunción de Arizti as Minister of Trabajo and Social Seguridad

Participation in the ceremonial realization in Torre Ejecutiva, the Secretariat and Prosecretaria of the Presidency, Rodrigo Ferrés and Mariana Cabrera, respectively, and presenting the Director General of the Ministerio de Trabajo and Seguridad Social (MTSS), Valentina Arlegui.

After taking over the titular role of the business world, Arizti ensured that the administration continued the task of the chief minister, Pablo Mieres. The point is that you manage the logo of social actors, you have to take into account the main rate of the business world.

Details, that is to say that the rest of the wage and bargaining rounds are effective with the transport groups, the pesca and the frigoritaires. As education and social sector reforms are underway, “the youth are becoming more and more involved.”

In another way, like the trade in the national system of employers, the public-private partnership coordinates labor orientation and the supply and demand for work. In view of the reduction of working time, Arizti will express themselves by saying that they need to organize working time, but make it clear that they are concretizing a certain relationship to a certain subject, starting with joint bargaining.

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