Vándalos perderían cupos en universidades y subsidios del Distrito – Publimetro Colombia

The project of the sharp glow in the Concejo de Bogotá by the hidden Julián Uscategui. Con this, If we take legal action against acts of vandalism during the protests and social events, we may engage in violent behavior contrary to the public heritage or the private spherewhich pays attention to the joy of life and the integration of the uniforms of public traffic or the civilian population, they suspend the benefits of education and most of the subsidies they receive el Distrito.

Use this information when you say:It is unimaginable that the mayor of Alcaldía in Bogotá takes advantage of an urban terrorist. If you speak out with violence, you are reacting in favor of justice and you can subsidize. There are no pagan impuestos for financial criminals.”

It is so that it is hidden that, “Access to a higher education program is absolutely not necessary. The beneficiaries depend on their responsibility and accountability that require the establishment and accountability. This project protects social protest and discourages violent expressions in public manifestations.”

Finally, the fact that the suspension of benefits directly applies to the duration of the criminal proceedings or politics, the beneficiary becomes involved. After the legal situation has reached the culmination of the respective process, the suspension permit is reviewed, with the result that the suspension formula is excluded or excluded from the damage claims. On the contrary, If the beneficiary is responsible, benefits can be definitively reimbursed.