Coi Leray is distancing himself from Father Benzino after his viral comments about R. Kelly

During a recent We in Miami podcast episode, Benzino spoke passionately about giving everyone a second chance. He said there are problems with the law, especially when someone is old enough to say yes to certain things, like sex.

The former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star wondered why R. Kelly received such a long sentence when in America you can legally say yes at the age of 16.

Benzino thinks authorities know some people are doing things to younger teens, even though it’s against the law.

While he was angry at people who engage in inappropriate activities with younger children, Benzino also said there are other things to consider in R. Kelly’s situation.

He said that R. Kelly had a difficult childhood and didn’t like people making money from documentaries about him.

He also blamed the parents of the children involved with R. Kelly, saying they knew what was going on and allowed it to happen — which is making some people think differently about what R. Kelly did.

Following this, Benzino’s daughter Coi Leray shared on Twitter that she has cut ties with her father, seemingly responding to fans who reached out to her after her father’s viral interview.

“I want everyone to know that I want nothing to do with what my father is going on,” Leray wrote on X on Wednesday. “I haven’t spoken to him in over a year and I cannot condone the interviews he did or respect. I don’t respect his decisions and I really don’t want anything to do with him. Please don’t even think about me when you see him.

She continued, “Sharing the same DNA and blood does NOT make us FAMILY. Loyalty, boundaries, respect, education, guidance, love, patience, encouragement MAKES US FAMILY.”

“Keep me away from people trying to ‘get their lick back’, please. And thanks.”

She concluded: “I can’t wait to have a child one day. I can’t wait to look her/him in the eyes and tell them how much I love them.”