José C. Paz: Conmemoración de San José Obrero en la dia de trabajador

El 1° the mayonnaise el municipal municipality of José C. Paz, Dr. HC Mario Alberto Ishiia journey through the Directorate General of Cultos is permanent the association of religious institutions that encourages the participation and the union between the creencias.

On the 1st of May of the Día del Trabajador it is the commemoration of San José Obrero and the patronal feast of the parroquia San José Obrero and the Santo Patrono of the municipality of José C. Paz.

Due to the motivation that the masters of the mañana have, the president of Santa Misa is celebrated by Monseñor Damián Gustavo Nanniniobispo de San Miguel en Argentina en concelebrada por los padres misioneros de la Sagrada Familia (MSF) Loacir Luiz Luvizon, José Luis Vendramin, Victor Hugo Zinni j Jose Scocco and the permanent diaconos Rubén Zarate j Jorge Oliva.

Conclusion: in the square Manuel Belgrano and with multiple participations in the fields, the traditional process is accompanied by the image of the patrono.

A name and representation of the Municipal Clerk of José C. Paz Mario Ishii is present Jorge SanchezDirector General of Cultos, in a photo of the photos, while mr párroco Reverend Loacir Luiz Luvizon msf.

The eclesiásticas authorities are the task of the Dirección General de Cultos de la Secretaría de Gobierno, Secretaría de Seguridad – Dirección de Tránsito and the Secretaría de Obras and the public services that collaborate with the parroquia San José Obrero.

Conclude your liturgical activities, if you hear the moments of preparation for the most common folkloric activities, popular tips, etc., together with the obispo-lema: «Trabajo sin pan is injusticia y Pan sin trabajo is indignidad».