If ‘X-Men ’97’ is such a hit, why isn’t it appearing on the TV charts?

It’s unclear how much of an audience X-Men ’97 on Disney+ actually has. Despite rave reviews and a lot of buzz online, the series can only be considered a failure from a business perspective if it doesn’t attract new viewers and rank highly with TV show trackers like Nielson and Samba TV, and apparently the series is nowhere to be found. on both graphs.

In March, Cosmic Book News’ Matt McGloin reported that ratings were disappointing, despite Disney+ releasing the first three episodes. McGloin showed that X Men ’97 did not appear on the Nielsen or Samba TV charts, suggesting the animated show’s audience was likely comparable to that of Ms. Marvelthe MCU series with the lowest viewership on Disney+, which caused The miracles spectacular collapse and cost Disney hundreds of millions in losses.

McGloin also speculates that the show’s absence from the charts indicates that the series is only watched by the most ardent Marvel fans, a demographic that is in decline, and is treated similarly to Disney’s Doctor Who series.

Via Cosmic Book News:

It could also indicate how badly the Marvel brand has been damaged by the past five years of questionable content, suggesting that fans have bailed out Disney and Marvel (again, how did it end? The miracles?).

In fact, it’s likely that Disney told Samba TV not to report numbers since Disney is an investor, just as Disney probably told Samba TV not to report numbers for Doctor whoanother big drop in ratings on Disney+.

McGloin also points out that YouTuber Grace Randolph recently discussed the low ratings for the series in her weekly box office analysis. She even goes so far as to suggest that it might not be a success, but she also thinks that X-Men ’97 could also be an exception, as the show is currently trending on social media, which McGloin points out could be done with bots are played.

Randolph also notes that the animation Star Wars: The Bad Batch series and Invincible Season 2 also failed to make the charts, once again implying that not appearing on the charts means the shows are failing to find a large audience.

“Speaking of animation – I talked about this a little bit in my X Men this week’s breakdown – let’s dig into it a little deeper. This was the second week before X Men ’97 with currently three episodes. The sixth week before The bad batch Season 3, and the third week before Invincible Season 2, part two,” Randolph explains. “The last two shows with many episodes to their name: 41 for The bad batch and 16 for Invincible – yet none of them are on the original map, let alone the general map.

Randolph points out the Blue-eyed samurai animated series just hit the charts in December What if…? Season 2 (with nine episodes released).

Blue-eyed samurai made the original list, number nine, but anyway, it came back in December and it was a binge, and interestingly enough: What if…? Season 2, which was a daily drop, so almost a binge, also managed to crack the original Nielsen chart at number six in December when it came out,” says Randolph.

Disney has already announced a second season X Men ’97, so no matter what the charts say, the show will be around for a while. Perhaps the low numbers are due to the bad publicity the show received prior to its debut? Have Marvel fans ‘ever been bitten’ by Disney’s MCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.