Limited Run Games apologizes for CD-R discs after fan outcry and says it’s working on a solution for pressed discs

Limited Run Games, the company known for selling limited quantities of special edition physical video games, has apologized after fans complained they were having trouble playing the physical re-release of Game D on the original 3DO gaming console.

Several on X/Twitter and Reddit pointed out the issues, including X/Twitter user @ToddNerdCave, who noted that the company is putting its 3DO games on CD-Recordable (CD-R) instead of pressed discs. “They don’t even run on real hardware,” he added.

For those unaware of the difference between CD-R and pressed discs, the former are blank discs onto which data can be recorded using a CD burner. At the same time, the data is permanently encrypted and the latter is used for commercial releases of physical media, including films and video games. Beyond the prices and scarcity of these products, Limited Run Games’ decision to use CD-R instead of pressed discs is a matter of compatibility, as older devices with optical drives may have difficulty reading CD-Rs .

Another user on X/Twitter noted the absurdity of Limited Run Games’ choice, which claims the company charges over $60 for a limited physical release, “yet they burn CD-Rs for some of the disc-based titles.”

In a statement to IGN, a spokesperson for Limited Run Games acknowledged that “some of (its) customers have experienced issues” playing D: The Collector’s Edition on the original 3DO console. They apologize to those experiencing the issues, promise to work with “new partners to find a solution” to get pressed discs to replace the CD-R discs customers received and note that future 3DO games will only enter production “once this issue has been fully resolved.” dissolved.”

You can read Limited Run Games’ full statement below.

Taylor is a reporter at IGN. You can follow her on Twitter @TayNixster.