Un supremo caso para endosos contra MVC y Proyecto Dignidad – Telemundo Puerto Rico

The aspiring representative of the Partido Popular Democrático (PPD), Jorge Quiles Gordillo, informs us that before the Supreme Court he considered the review of the case against the Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana (MVC) and the Dignidad Project (PD )

“Hoy, he has become radical in the Tribunal Supremo, which is now repeating the review to get the most out of the controversy now. We now reiterate that we present the fight against the violent elections and the regulations applicable to the party of MVC and PD. Quiles Gordillo decides to let Ramos decide.

Moreover, I have made an appeal to the Commander-in-Chief to come back so that this solution is possible earlier, because the court decision must be presented before the judge on June 2, see what can be the result of an election calendar.

“Confiamos en la sabiduría de nuestro Tribunal Supremo, para applicar las eyes en reglamentos de nuestro derecho” concluded that the aspirant was popular.