Captain Lee from Below Deck watches Sea Life in new series

Captain Lee steers his ship in a new, dangerous direction.

The Below deck alum’s new Oxygen series, Deadly Waters with Captain Leewill see him sift through some of the most shocking murders ever committed – at sea.

“The water can be a very dangerous place; waves, relentless currents and violent storms can appear in seconds,” Captain Lee explains in a chilling trailer shared exclusively with E! News. “For the first time, we are exposing an even greater threat than Mother Nature: people with a deadly agenda.”

Over eight episodes, the series, premiering June 1, will delve into everything from a mysterious seasickness that led to a passenger falling overboard in Lake Eerie to an investigation into a wealthy mogul after a body was found off the coast of Lake Eerie. Catalina Island with three fingers missing.

In a particularly ominous moment from the trailer, a subject hints at a suspicious story to come, saying, “Two people went out on the boat that morning, but only one came back.”