Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Instagram video sparks a wild Japanese fan theory

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are visiting Japan. Photo/Getty Images

A sweet video of Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Japan has gone viral, with fans speculating that the famous couple could be eyeing a move to the other side of the world.

The couple, who celebrated 16 years of marriage in April, visited Japan to celebrate the release of Beyonce’s latest album, Cowboy Carter.

While not much is known about their moves during the trip, a new clip of the singer shared a glimpse of their holiday fun, reports Subway.

Sharing a beautiful reel on her Instagram page along with her new song, ll MOST WANTED – a collaboration with Miley Cyrus – Beyonce posted a carousel of photos of her and the 54-year-old rapper’s trip to the country, showing the pair dining out, taking public transportation and dancing with two traditional Japanese performers, also known as geishas.

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In the video, Beyonce and Jay-Z take off their shoes — a sign of respect in Japanese culture — while standing next to two women who appear to show the couple a traditional Japanese dance style.

As the video continues, Beyonce has the biggest smile on her face as her husband focuses on following the geisha’s steps.

The heartwarming moment was posted to

A fan account shared the video with the caption: “beyonce and jay-z are permanently moving to Japan LMAOOO ICONIC (sic),” adding: “THEY ARE SO CUTE I LOVE THIS.”

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Other fans chimed in, saying, “Bey and Jay moving to Japan? That’s lit! Who wouldn’t want to live in the land of sushi and sumo?”

Another person weighed in on the fan theory, mentioning a comment from a psychic Youtuber who predicted the move: “It’s so funny that Sloan Bella said Jay Z and Beyonce were leaving the country.”

While the couple hasn’t publicly confirmed a possible move, their trip to Japan was likely just to promote Beyoncé’s latest record.

Cowboy Carter was released last month and quickly found its way to number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Soon after, Variety revealed that the album had achieved its biggest record sales to date in 2024, marking the milestone moment as the star’s biggest streaming week in her music history.