Canadian Punks THE BLOODY HELL Hit The “G” Spot With Their Latest Saxophone Video:

Canadian punks The bloody hell share their new music video for their instrumental saxophone track “G” from their latest album “Nobody cares.”

For the new video, the band decided to tap the depths of the internet’s stock footage archives and the results are tantalizing, with great G-words broken down from beautiful to horrifying with expressive faces!

The band’s commentary:

“G is a song we’ve been playing around with for a while, but it never felt complete. We struggled to find the right vocal approach and had put the song on the background for a few years. When putting together the album ‘Nobody Cares’ we decided to give it another try and enlisted our good friend Adam Nelson to input a saxophone melody in place of the vocal melody. The saxophone delivered and became a totally out-to-left-field kind of song for us, and to our surprise it has resonated with many listeners.

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Since its inception in 2017, Halifax, Nova Scotia’s The bloody hell has become simultaneously dirtier and more polished, with the band infecting fans with their pop-cultural hooks and concepts while the guitars get louder and the vocals get uglier. The bloody hell is pretty much what would happen if George Thorogood sang for the Misfits, but all the songs were written by Tom Petty.

With their super catchy horror rock songs about drinking and heartache, The bloody hell play at punk rock speed with a line-up featuring singer/guitarist Ian Kean (guitar, vocals), guitarist and pianist James Densley, also known from Bubbles and The Shit Rockers, the band fronted by the character Bubbles from the popular TV show The Trailer Park Boys and bassist Joe Woods (Root Cellar).

In November 2022, the band released their highly anticipated follow-up to their 2018 self-titled debut album. Entitled “No one cares”, the second record took about three years to complete due to Covid restrictions, lockdown and all the madness that the pandemic brought. This latest album contains The bloody hell’The signature sound of raspy aggressive, catchy horror and politically charged antics across nine songs lasting just over 28 minutes. From songs like “Hide Away” with its fast punky driving riff and slick earworm guitar, to “Barbra”, a cover of an old Canadian punk song by Vancouver legends Modernettes, to even the saxophone on “G” and the added piano on “As Above’ and ‘So Below’, punk fans will find it an energetic and passionate sonic experience that conveys stories of lived experience that many can relate to.

“With this album we feel like our sound has evolved nicely from the previous record released in 2018. We’ve worked hard to shape our songwriting and storytelling skills and that really shines through in the nine songs on this album. Our songwriting has progressed and we hope that people who hear us for the first time will find something in our sound to identify with or sing along to.” adds singer/guitarist Ian Kean.

Suitable for different fans, The bloody hell cites influences ranging from Misfits, Nirvana and Motorhead, anyone who enjoys a fun and dirty romp with a bull’s horn of grungy vocals.

“No one cares” is available on all digital platforms and cassettes at

Previous music videos:

When you’re gone – ​​​

Nobody Cares About America Anymore –​

Hide –​

1. As above – 1:10
2. Hide – 3:47
3. When you’re gone – ​​3:20
4. Barbra – 2:09 (cover of Modernettes)
5. G – 6:00 am
6. Nobody Cares About America Anymore – 3:38
7. Rulers of the Night – 3:34
8. Dead to Me – 3:01
9. So below – 1:38
Album length: 28:20

Album recording credits:
• All songs performed by: The Bloody Hell
• All songs written by: The Bloody Hell
• Produced by: Ian Kean
• Mixed by: Alex Burris
• Mastered by: Alex Burris
• Album artwork by: James Densley
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album and live band line-up:
Ian Kean – Guitar / Vocals
James Densley – lead guitar/piano
Kyle Cantfell – drums
Joe Woods – bass

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