Lewandowski picks his top five goals as a Barça player

Barça One took advantage of this Thursday to publish a special of Lewandowski‘s 50 goals as a Barca player. The Pole looked back on his year and a half Barcelona and highlighted what he believes are his best goals since wearing the Barça kit. Although the striker scored half a hundred goals on February 17 Balaidos (1-2), FC Barcelona took advantage of the week of the second Hat-trick as culé (against Valencia) to commemorate the round figure.

These are Lewandowski’s five favorite goals within his first 50 goals as a culé:

Real Madrid

Spanish Super Cup Final 2022-2023

“Maybe it wasn’t a very nice goal, but it was very important. It was in the final and we played great football. I have good memories of that goal”


J-11 League 2022-2023

“It was a very exciting game and we conceded the first goal and we had to come back. It was a bit very difficult because it came from the penalty spot. I knew I had to give the ball a lot of power on the shot and turn my neck a lot so that I can get to the goal”


J-13 League 2023-24

“I knew what I wanted to do when they gave me the pass. I made a perfect touch at the right moment and I also had enough space to decide where to shoot. I had to think very quickly, control my movements with my right and right hand. end with my left”

Celta Vigo

J-6 League 2023-24

“We were losing, we weren’t playing well and I felt that goal ignited the flame of hope. I knew it was time. I had to define very quickly, Joao Félix’s pass was very good. It was the only resource I didn’t give the goalkeeper a chance, he made it difficult for me.”


J-10 League 2022-2023

“All the conditions were met. Camp Nou, a goal that was very complicated because of the technique. The timing, the control with which I eliminated two opponents. When you see that everything happens as you imagined, everything is perfect. “I like that goal. When I score goals like this, I feel proud.”

This content has been translated and adapted from the Spanish version of the digital newspaper