What is Ceci Flores, what happened to his desaparecidos and is there any criticism of 4T? – Publimetro México

This is May 2, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador aseguró que Ceci Flores adheres to the “block conservator” and the jefe de gobierno de la Ciudad de México, Marti Batres, the fact that this is presented is a “frustrating mountain” by exposing a suspicion of clandestine crematorium in the Iztapalapa case; Without embargo, the history of activism is covered before the actual start of the war.

Ceci Patricia Flores Armenta, member of the collection Mrs Buscadoras de Sonora, beginning of labor i.e 2015 through the discharge of his hijo Alejandro and later, he is confronted with the discharge of other his hijos en 2019. If these events and the error occur in the car journeys, Ceci the foundation of the collection with most of it 2,700 cuerpos.

A lo large de los años, Ceci Flores Since the media has become known for its decision in the bus of desaparecidas, the assistance given to criminal groups as the failure of institutional apoyos. Your task involves clandestine affairs and the recovery of human remains, you can save your life.

Put it right into the mayonnaise 2019while Flores Armenta finances the collection Madres Buscadoras de Sonora as a result of desperation tres or sus hijos and different circumstances; the ellos, solo uno is a counterpart to your life. Flores you can rely on your own needs, including a Marco Antonio j Jesus AdrianThere are countless obstacles faced and connected in the way of social reason, while providing answers and justice for our questions.

And 2021the activist participation in various conferences and public events discussed the debate on the fight against conflict resolution and the dismantling of personas and in April 2023It is reported as desaparecida during various horas, that you cause an immediate movement in social speeches and communication media. If you do it right, you can make it.

In October 2023, Ceci Disclosing the recidivism of many, with criminals from receiving your money. This may be evidence that the peligros realizes that there are activists from the Mexican economy. Ceci Use this attention to make an urgent car trip to increase protection and protect the buscadoras, reduce security risks and avoid the necessary institutional rescue operations.

“You don’t have to think about my mates, to see monuments or to think of the name of the pueblos, no, you don’t have to know anymore that your life is living in the lucha”

Ceci Flores

Los riesgos de las madres buscadoras

During the career of Teresa Magueyal in May 2023, Flores publish an emotional video that the mayor makes of the car on the bus of the desperate acts to prevent the girls from continuing their lives. This can undermine the activists’ vulnerability Ceci And the brutal reality experienced breathes the solidarity between the buscadoras and the determination to continue the lucha and the setbacks.

“Descansa en paz Teresa Magueyal, the buscadora of Guanajuato, you can no longer go outside and see how it works”

Ceci Flores

It happened to López Obrador

1. Entrega a pala de mando: In March 2024, during the intention of Ceci Flores to get the president of López Obrador a symbolic pala, representing the herramienta that the madres use to achieve his despair, the president responds with the sentence : “Que me la deje aquí”, indicates that there is no personal assessment. This act is interpreted as a form of simply collecting the freight and responsibility that Ceci and his collective have.

2. Criticisms of the effect of the apoyo: Ceci Flores has made public her frustration with the actual situation, which “Mexico necesita al López Obrador de antes”If you are a president more comprometido with the cause of the victims and more active in the bus of the desaparecidos. I proclaim a nostalgic nostalgia through the previous compromise that López Obrador experiences as more empathetic and active on social networks.

3. Ficha de busqueda: El 19 de marzoCeci Flores announced his intention to broadcast “busqueda” from the president Andrés Manuel López ObradorYou will not get any recibido to buy the pala you use in your bus. Flores said that the mandate “is desapareció in the Palacio de Gobierno”, the protesters of the Palacio Nacional have then gone further with their intention to acquire the herramienta of the president, including wearing a vestirse as beisbolista, the favorite of the president López Obrador, and an attempt to persuade.