Cardi B Responds to Controversial NSFW 20 vs. 1 episode

Cardi B is no stranger to using social media to respond to just about everything happening in the world. Most recently, she hopped on her Instagram live and while there, she shared her reaction to a controversial episode of the YouTube show 20 to 1. The show’s format focuses on just one man competing against twenty girls in various social challenges. In a recent episode, they had a particularly NSFW incident that caught the attention of many people online. Eventually the buzzing got so loud that it reached Cardi.

In the clip, she appears to be having difficulty with the actions at hand. In the same kind of hilarious tone fans have become accustomed to, she explains why she can’t stand the actions in the video. “I want better for you,” she says specifically about JP, the rapper who plays the role of 1 in the video. In the comments, fans largely agree with her take on the episode. “People who aren’t afraid of STDs really scare me,” reads one of the best responses. “Let’s definitely bring back S-shaming because you have made men here think that every woman is easy and doesn’t deserve basic respect,” another comment agreed. Watch Cardi’s full reaction to the video below.

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Cardi B shares her reaction to NSFW 20 Vs. 1 episode

Cardi B’s new album is reportedly coming out soon. She hasn’t released a project since her debut studio album in 2018. She’s been teasing a second album for over a year, dating back to a mysterious Instagram page opened in early 2023. Ultimately, she had to tell fans that the record wasn’t coming in 2023 and would instead arrive sometime this year.

What do you think of Cardi B’s response to a recent controversial episode of 20 to 1? Do you think they should have stopped the episode ahead of time before the viral incident happened? Let us know in the comment section below.

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