The game comments on the current state of hip-hop/rap, says J. Cole’s apology “turned this sh*t into Kool-Aid without the sugar”

The game recently took to Instagram to criticize J. Cole and the whole hip hop/rap industry, claiming that rap feuds have become “watered down.”

“My disrespect knows no bounds and I can even rap,” he wrote. “Fans who have gone are choosing which artist is safe for the culture at large right now, but every real rap nigga in this shit KNOWS who to play with and who not to play with.

“Hip-hop/Rap or whatever you call it nowadays was already watered down, but Cole apologized and turned this shit into Kool-Aid without the sugar.”

Then he added his own IG Stories: “I don’t know who’s softer these days, these rap-n-ggas or the rap fans.”

His response was in response to a message from Ice by The Joe Budden Podcastwho wrote further X, ‘I want one of these rap-n-ggas to diss Game. So you can see what a real diss record looks like.

Over the years, The Game has released over 10 diss tracks targeting rappers such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Sean Kingston, Meek Mill, and most recently a 10-minute track focused on Eminem.

With rap feuds and artist apologies, hip-hop seems chaotic right now, but everyone has their own opinion, so who’s to say The Game is wrong?