From MOWING to GROWING life: Jim Penman launches ‘Life Coaching’ services

Jim Penman, founder of the Jim‘s Group, has been officially launched Jim‘s Life Coaching and aims to help millions of Australians live their best lives.

“Life coaching is a powerful and effective way to achieve success in business and personal life. It helps people set their own goals and then figure out how to get there. It has the potential to change lives, and I’m glad to see it Jim‘s Group Service,” Jim Penman said.

Jim‘s Life Coaching is the newest division of the Jim‘s Group, and was founded by highly respected life coach Sue Thomas. The launch of the new division strengthens the Jim‘s Group’s foray into the health and wellness sector with the successful launch of Jim‘s Beauty and Jim‘s recovery massage.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the Jim‘s Group. It is an extraordinary success story made up of more than 5,000 franchisees with a wide range of services, all committed to helping Aussies live their best lives with the highest levels of service and satisfaction,” said Thomas.

“We are not a therapy or counseling service. We are life coaches. We take our clients out of their lives, point them in the direction of their future and help them create great lives with strength, courage, confidence and clarity,” said Thomas.

“They are not their past. They’ve always been great, covered only by past experiences and everyone’s opinions of who they really are.

“I take life coaching very seriously because it creates truly amazing life-changing transformations. Mental health care is a mess. There are more people taking anxiety medications and practicing suicide prevention than ever before in history. The system as it is does not work. I want to revolutionize the life coaching industry and help thousands of people who are struggling.

“The Jim‘s Group is about everyday Australians, and about our Jim‘s Life Coaching services are aimed at everyday Australians.

“I believe that you don’t have to be rich or a high-caliber business leader to have exclusive access to a good life coach. Everyone deserves and should have a life coach, and Jim‘s Life Coaching will make this possible.”

Sue Thomas is regarded as one of Australia’s most respected life coaches, with a proven track record of working with people to help them navigate life and build successful futures.

“When setting up Jim‘s Life Coaching, I look forward to building a team of coaches who can bring Australia a new era of life coaching services,” Thomas added.

“I trained with Bob Proctor, the best leader in human potential and success, and have studied directly with him since 2018. I have been on a self-development journey for over 20 years and have suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my life. , and then cancer. I was sick, unhappy and broke. Things had to change. So I jumped in to train with Bob and it changed my life. Now I’m learning.

Jims Life Coaching is a combination of everything I learned studying the greatest teachers of the mind and how it works.

“My clients experience the most amazing transformations in all areas of their lives. Their business begins to flourish, their relationships improve dramatically, they turn their marriage into a second honeymoon, they achieve their five-year goals in three months and do things they never thought possible. They go from feeling like they’ve been in a straitjacket to feeling like they’re free to live life on their terms, in love with their lives and themselves. All of this is achievable with your coach as your accountability person, holding you accountable for the work.

“The work is simple and easy, but we keep putting it off when we have to do it ourselves; that’s why we don’t do it ourselves.

“I invite anyone who wants to effect change and get more out of life to get in touch. We can help you and are more accessible and affordable than you think.”