‘The View’ Sunny Hostin on Campus Protests, Gen Z Will Save the World


Sunny Hostin

Supports the freedom of campus protesters

…Gen Z will save the world

Sunny Hostin appears to show some solidarity with pro-Palestinian student protesters across the country – or at least a nod to their right to express themselves.

We spoke with cohost of “The View” in NYC on Thursday … and we asked her about the pro-Palestine demonstrations currently engulfing college campuses across the country — and Sunny says she thinks it’s the best way to get them ” pro-Palestine”. wrong way to label them.

While they support Palestine against Israel, Sunny says she views these people as anti-war protesters, saying this is a long tradition among students in the US that goes back years.

SH goes on to praise Gen-Z – who she says are very involved in current affairs… and she is confident they will solve the world’s problems in the years to come.

As for whether or not she supports the pro-Palestinian cause itself… Sunny hedges and says she’s for freedom of speech, while not specifically saying she agrees with the protesters’ demands .

ICYMI … early Thursday morning, the LAPD arrested a group of protesters camping on the UCLA campus, clearing the encampment that showed up last week after a similar NYPD action on the Columbia campus earlier in the week.


On a much less serious note, we also ask Sunny about the reaction to her comments about Donald Trump – specifically her pointed take on his farts. Remember, she disapproved of the idea of ​​him passing gas in court during his hush money trial… saying it was embarrassing.

Hostin also addresses that: She says she gets hate mail all the time… so negative comments from fans don’t affect her, and it doesn’t sound like her comments about Trump have changed that much.

Either way, it looks like Hostin won’t stop sharing her political opinions anytime soon… speaking her truth whether fans want to hear it or not. That’s why she’s on TV!