Android 15 improves the home and lock screen in landscape mode – Research Snipers

So far, the landscape home screen view on Android 14 has not been optimized in many places. The lock screen currently cannot be rotated at all. Android 15 will change that and use the available space much more effectively.

Android 15 with many new features

More and more information is emerging about new features that will become available with the release of Android 15. We already reported about the ability to charge devices wirelessly via NFC, the return of widgets on the lock screen and the ability to send messages. transmit without mobile phone reception via satellite connection.

Improved landscape format display

Now Android Authority writes that the new operating system brings significant improvements to the display in landscape mode. This affects the lock screen and app and system notifications.

Previously, the lock screen could not be rotated at all. It was only displayed in an upright position, that is, in portrait mode. With Android 15, rotating the display should be possible.

The notifications also have an optimized display when the smartphone is rotated. Until now, the display was simply moved to the center of the screen in such a case. That leaves a lot of space unused, as two-thirds of the screen is dedicated to notifications, which only take up about half the width of the area.

Also, only a maximum of four quick settings elements are visible, which are displayed at the top of the screen. No other buttons are easily displayed.

From Android 15 there is a much more effective screen layout. Quick settings now take up the left half of the screen, while notifications are on the right. This is also the case on the lock screen.

Work not yet completed

Even though Google has been working on the new interface for a while, there are still some issues with it. In various situations it happens that elements overlap each other and are only partially visible.

Nevertheless, it is believed that development of the new landscape interface for the home and lock screens will be completed by the announcement of Android 15 at the next Google I/O on May 14, 2024. These improvements could then also be included in Samsung’s One UI 7.0 and make Galaxy phones more usable in landscape format.