Collect Baloto and Revancha on May 4

On May 4, Colombians have the opportunity to make their money from the collected bounties that the Baloto type and their average Revancha offer.

Accumulado Baloto y Revancha

Some participants may take a stab at it in the main way they do ​$9,300 million pesos, I think the Revenche is contesting a bounty $7,200 million pesos.

A great price is being paid for the bounties from 1 month ago, with the bounties being 9,000 million for Baloto and 7,000 million for Revancha.

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Do you want to participate in Baloto?

Joining Baloto is a simple process that is required You can choose between 1 and 43 and a great selection between 1 and 16. In addition, the Apostles can opt for the modal Revanche for an additional price of 2,100 pesos, bringing the initial bounty to 1,000 million pesos.

With the programs on the agenda, cada miércoles en sábado, Baloto offers several options for Colombians to live their lives.

How can you reclaim your premiums?

The National Opera of Juego explains that, in the beginning, the ganadores of the category in question are sure that their identity is intact and no longer exists. Para cobrar premiums for a lower price than 182 UVT, the participants simply touch a point of Baloto.

​For other people, the premiums of with a higher quality than 182 UVT requires the person to present himself in an authoritarian confidant with his original identity. If you start working digitally, you can present impreso.

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If you need the identity document and your respective copy, please refer to the form carefully for the premium price.

The sales authorization for the premium payments will take place in Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga. If the ganador does not live in this city, he must leave most of his life.

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