where to watch, time and possible setups

CRB and Ciara will play the first leg of the third leg of the Copa do Brasil 2024 at the Rey Pele Stadium in Maceio (Alba) on Thursday evening (2) at 8:30 PM. The match will be broadcast live on Premiere and Sportv.

CRB X Ceará for Copa do Brasil: where to watch and time

  • date: May 2, 2024 (Thursday);
  • time: 8:30 PM (Brasilia time);
  • local: Rey Pele Stadium, in Maceió (AL);
  • Where to watch the CRB vs Ceará match live: sporty, the first performance And in real time by General Electric.

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Photo: The Real Madrid Stadium will include a VIP area and a luxury cabin

The CRB coach has to make some changes in the match. Among them is Gigi who replaces Ray, while Simon recovers from injury and competes for a spot with Gustavo Henrique.

In Fuzau’s team, Wagner Mancini will not be able to rely on attackers Eric Bulga and Saulo Mineiro. According to information from GE, Facundo Castro, Aiello and Barcelo should therefore form the attacking trio.

Discover the possible lineup for CRB x Ceará

  • CRP: Matthews-Albino; Hereda, Simon (Gustavo Henrique), Fabio Alemao and Willian Formiga; Falcao, Caio Cesar and Gigi; Mike, Leo Pereira and Anselmo Ramón. Technical: Daniel Paulista.
  • Ciara: Richard, Ray Ramos, Mateus Felipe, Ramon Menezes, Mateus Bahia; Richardson, Lucas Mugni, Lourenco; Facundo Castro, Aylon, Barceló. Technical: Wagner Mancini.

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