RTVE has chosen Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodríguez and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera as the judges of ‘MasterChef’ in 2023

This is when the program starts ‘Master Chef 12’, the culinary talent agreement that radiates La 1 cada lunes en torno once de la noche. The company has returned with one of its plataformas, RTVE Play, which deals with the polemic – desmesurada or no, he is la cuestión – en torno a las palabras del juez Jordan Cruz once an aspirant – anónima – has made a voluntary choice, this can no longer happen. It is possible that you leave another person, suffer the pain and most salida-puerta. If you work with the chef, and the excompetitor cooks the pipa de la paz, o sea, cocinando (a tarta de zanahoria). «Estamos haciendo tele. It’s what you say I’m serious business, this is the domingo. It is clear that there is a problem between ‘nothing good’ (it is a constant nervous and emotional pressure) and a mental health problem (the Minister of Sanidad, Mónica García, enarboló talis bandera). Then the ‘mea culpa’ is shown by the form.

Días atrás, otro de los jueces, Pepe Rodriguez, bromeó and ‘Late Xou con Marc Giró’ (La 2): «‘MasterChef’ it is a section». Bromas apart, the concurso is a patata caliente on Española television, because it is the generation of the ‘reality show’ and that it is implicit (a ‘casting’ that is removed from ‘Gran Hermano’ or ‘Supervivientes’). The audience, which since the long duration of an existing format in 2013, is increasingly accompanied by millions of viewers in a direct sense (other songs are different and are no longer discussed).

By the duo edition of the version with anónimos, in the United States of America (the last time you did this), you can see ‘MasterChef Celebrity 9’ and others and ‘MasterChef Junior 11’ on Navidad. ‘The end of the grip is for me. Para mí son salchichas (los concursantes)», bromeó también Jordan Cruz in the mismo espacio, ‘Late Xou’, eat dinner. Sobre quién tene más (Pepe). Sobre es más agarrado (Jordi).

If you don’t buy 10s in the bank, it’s a good idea to do so Jordan Cruz, Pepe Rodriguez j Samantha Vallejo-Nágera as jueces de ‘Chef’: diez mil euros per entrega. Therefore, before the actual release ‘Chef’, while we have turned twenty-three, he has won a total of 130,000 euros; a cache for the program that has not undergone tampoco bajado in recent years.

Since 2023, there has been an exceptional embargo on Shine Iberia’s production format. The unusual edition of the version with anónimos, with the intention of preventing racist horarios (revealing it), remains with 25 entregas to broadcast galas for the whole day (solar and marten) for a long time. José Manuel Pérez Tornero played a crucial role in helping the previous president of RTVE to escape ‘Chef’ end point casi las dos de la mañana. Without an embargo, the duration of the program cannot vary. Hecha la ley, hecha la trampa. And for the XXL edition – the product of Macarena Rey – most of the millions of euros are for the entire company.

The dinner dates from the jurado of ‘MasterChef’ in 2023

Según RTVE to ABC, by a request for Transparencia, Jordan Cruz (45), Pepe Rodriguez (56)j Samantha Vallejo-Nágera (54) cobraron 250,000 euros for delivery costs ‘Chef’On March 27 and June 19, 2023, 1 was broadcast and Eneko Fernández. The company and Shine Iberia have long produced the title ‘MasterChef Celebrity 8’ and the title ‘MasterChef Junior 10’. A total of 43 companies have appeared, which would generate an amount of 430,000 euros in 2023.