Will there be Hunter X Hunter season 7?

The anime series Hunter x Hunter ended with its sixth season in 2014 after a total of 148 episodes. With new chapters of the Hunter x Hunter manga coming from acclaimed creator Yoshihiro Togashi, fans are hoping for a potential Hunter x Hunter Season 7.

Here’s if fans can expect a new season Hunter x Hunter following the recent tease of Togashi returning to create new chapters for the manga series after it went on hiatus in January 2022.

Is Hunter x Hunter Getting a seventh season?

Gon looks up with Killua

There are currently no announced plans to… Hunter x Hunter anime series for season 7, with Togashi’s latest chapters yet to be published. However, there are still manga chapters that have not yet been adapted into an anime series, which will be published intermittently from 2016 through 2022, but this may not be enough to warrant the commissioning of a new anime season.

What’s more likely is that a possible continuation of the anime series could wait until Togashi completes his story, with Togashi already hinting that he has a series finale in mind. Should the Hunter x Hunter anime series resumes to adapt these final chapters of the manga, it may follow a similar route as Bleachwhich launched a new anime series continuing the story and adapting the final chapters under the new title Bleach: Thousand Years’ War.

Created in 1998, Hunter x Hunter follows Gon Freecss as he searches the world for his long-lost father after discovering that his father was a prolific hunter who explored unknown parts of the world, encountered rare creatures and took down dangerous criminals. The best-selling manga has been adapted into anime series twice, in 1999 and 2011, with the more recent television adaptation hewing more closely to the original source material than its predecessor.

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