The autoridades Israel confirm the last rest of the rehenes on October 7

Families and parties of Dror Or, the 49 years, which celebrates on October 7 the cumpleaños number 49 of Dror, has become cautious by the Islamist Palestinian group Hamas in the Franja of Gaza, and even in Tel Aviv, Israel, 18 the energy. 2024. REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

The Kibutz Beeri informs this young child Or, one of the desaparecidos in the attacks of the milicias gazations of October 7, the fall of the terrorist attacks of Hamas on the position of the asalto It is a fact that you are retreating to the Franja of Gaza.

Or if you consider that you have been blamed, you can get confirmation that the Israeli Armadas will have a chance to confirm the fall.

The 49 year old man who is safe during his life, Noam and Alma, from 17 to 13 years old, by Hamas terrorists who are in their hometown in the Kubutz Beeri. The family is forced to use the civilian custom, which sets the house on fire and causes the damage.

This is the end of the message from Dror Or, Yonat Or, his mother. Noam and Alma freed themselves on November 25 and a preliminary preliminary assessment was made. Once he is, Yahil, do not go to the house at the time of the attack.

There are 37 of the Israeli soldiers who are part of the Palestinian forces in French-speaking Gaza.

The device cannot accurately confirm that the product is defective.

The announcement of a plenary negotiation for a struggle in Gaza, which is associated with the freedom of freedom.

Noam Or, who was freed after becoming his tomado during the October 7 attack by the part of the Palestinian militant group Hamas, appeared in an image published by Reuters on November 25, 2023. /Folleto via REUTERS

The mediadores (Catar, Unidos and Egipto) have focused Hamas’s response on a new propuesta de acuerdo.

The fight against Hamas’s October attack, which provokes 1,170 people in its bourgeoisie, brings balance to life AFP establecido and base a datos Israel.

The Muslim terrorists protect more than 250 people.

If one of the possibilities for Palestinian issues in the new year is estimated, the Israeli authorities are estimated quedaron in Gaza 129 secuestradosa unique 35, including Dror Or, is muertos.

In response, Israel has launched a major offensive in the fight against Gaza to help Hamas with more than 34,500 civilian casualties, after the ministership of the Salud of this territory went bebernado to the terrorist group.

The Secretariat of Estado de Estados Unidos, Anthony Blinkenit is the most optimal when it comes to the propuesta tregua that Israel has been calling out to Hamas lately and is now a guardian respuesta inminente.

“Todo el mondo está de acuerdo en que es una buena propuesta”I got the offer so I’m thinking about it an immediate fire Yes liberation from the rehenes Breathing can give you the opportunity to have future conversations that can come to a final conclusion. “If you start in an alto el fuego, si los rehenes regresan a casa, we have to do this to build this”, sostuvo.

While the function of the Middle East during the beginning of the guerra is at the septima level of the struggle, the comments on the Israeli Israeli governments are now seen as a military military Rafathat you can handle the negotiation, and focus on the advances of recent times.

“La gente dice cosas. Centrémonos en lo que hacen, en lo que estamos haciendo. The most important, the most urgent, is Hamas’s response in its much more forceful approach to the market”, aseguró.

(Con information from Europa Press and AFP)