I’m not going to start with ‘beefs’; I just answer: Strongman refutes claims

Ghanaian rapper, Osei Kwaku Vincent, known in showbiz circles as Strongman, has claimed that he has never initiated beefs with anyone in the music industry.

His statement debunked online accusations that he was only popular because he was usually involved in “beefs” with other celebrities.

Speak with Roselyn Felli on From Joy Prime First morninghe discredited the rumors and said he was not responsible for those cases.

“I don’t like ‘beefs’ because I don’t throw first shots. I’m just answering.” The rapper explained.

He added that the reason he even answers is because he needs to put people in the right place.

When comparing “beef” scenarios with insurance companies, he said he had to give them a taste of their own medicine.

“We have indemnity in insurance heads, which talks about restoring a person to his former position. If someone insures a range rover and it catches fire, the insurance company is supposed to reimburse the person with a Range Rover, not an Elantra. So if you come and fool around, I gotta tell you that whatever you’re doing, you gotta stop.


Strongman reiterated that he didn’t start the beefs, but he certainly knew how to finish them.

“I’m not going to start with the beefs. So every problem you see me involved in, I didn’t start it. People started it and I helped them finish it,” he said.

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