“I’m a big fan of this game changer,” exclaims expert about ten motorcycle mods that can transform your motorcycle

A MOTORS expert has revealed ten motorcycle mods that can upgrade your bike as he exclaimed: “I’m a big fan of this gamechanger.”

YouTuber FortNine took to the platform to share the revolutionary top tips.

A YouTuber shared his top tips for transforming a motorcycle


Mirror breakage is a common problem among cycling enthusiasts, especially off-road cyclists.

FortNine says, “If you go off-road a lot, they’re just disposable.”

But luckily he’s found a “hideously effective” solution in the form of Doubletake indestructible motorcycle mirrors with RAM mounting components.

The mirror hinges on a holder, meaning it can take “a good hit” and also “swivel out of the way.”


FortNines next one The trick is to lose weight from the bike’s center of gravity, saying riders should “salt at the performance gains.”

He suggests buying a lithium battery that is “one-fifth the weight” of the battery that comes with most bicycles.

They are also “half the size and easier to fit into custom bikes.”


Normally a driver has to choose between steel or aluminum sprockets, but FortNine reveals that Moose Dual Rear Sprockets are the best option.

“Less weight to turn the engine means more horsepower,” he said.

He added: “The game changer is to have light aluminum on the inside and strong steel on the outside to wear against your chain.”

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The Zager Mini With water filtration, you can safely drink from the nearest stream, according to the YouTuber.

He said the filter is fine enough to hold almost anything and “it should last 100,000 gallons, meaning you can purify all your daily drinking water while you drive.”


The next way to upgrade your motorcycle is through a TrailTech Digital Dashboard.

FortNine said most new bikes come with a fancy dashboard, but “anyone on an older machine gets tired of staring at the ravages of time.

“TrailTech makes neat little gauges to replace the stock setup on any bike.”


“When you look at a heated seat you’re looking at a £30,000 motorcycle,” says the YouTuber before adding: “Not true.”

“Saddlemen makes a universal kit that takes your rusty piece of shit in one. luxury traveling spa.”

He adds: “The element goes under your seat cover and is carbon fiber, so the heat distribution is even.”


FortNine’s latest luxury mod is the Scorpio SRX-950 hands-free security system.

“You can add this to any motorcycle for a few hundred dollars and it will rival the system on a $30,000 motorcycle.”


FortNine believes that you need this feature to have “basic comfort” while driving.

He says Rox risers are “the most important thing you can do to make your bike fit.”

He adds, “Standard bars only lean forward and back, rRx risers fill the stock clamp and hold the bar above, so now I have two pivot points.”


To prevent the hand from freezing in winter, FortNine recommends the Givi Universal Semirigid Hands Cover.

He says, “I’ve had these on snowmobiles in the past and man, they keep your fingers warm. Anything that looks this dorky must work brilliantly.”


The last tip from the car enthusiast is to invest in Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross AX41 tires.

This is an “aesthetic” modification that can replace “boring donut” tires.

“This is designed as a scrambler tire that looks wild,” he says, but added that it is actually an average tire and comes in average sizes, meaning anyone “can throw on a set and turn heads.”

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