Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza have criticized the images: “No insists that M cuando eres L”

Claudia García is a performance by Ethel Pozo. (Video: América Hoy / América TV).

During a recent broadcast of the program ‘America Hoy’, a polemic is picked up in no time vestuario by Ethel Pozo, conductor of Gisela Valcárcel’s espacio en hija. The situation is unusual Claudia Garcia, especialista nl Asesoría de imagen if you invite the program, evaluate the style of the Pozo research, then you can provoke counter reactions.

The advice, adopted by all our conductors, consists of some control of García, where the analysis is carried out directly on the personal characteristics of the espectáculo. If his defenders companions confirm that this is a good thing, García knows a particular detail in the choice of the long term that according to his criteria is no longer favored by Pozo.

La personal shopper elogy of the Negro currently using Ethel Pozo can engage with other prendas, which makes comparisons with photographs for the production, allowing him to expect more from his faith.

“I know it’s a mistake. If you have a cosa, if you don’t have a cuerpo, the talla is a number and not a courage. Since it is the case that I love the city more, but I have been disappearing in recent years, it is more possible to reach a greater part that the great vestidos is greater and ten times a good thing, the estylistic explanation, with the intention is to give constructive advice, more than just the long rope.

Ethel Pozo is criticized by Claudia García about her appearance. (Video: América Hoy / América TV).

The situation is an acceptance giro Leysi Suarez intervino para “clarify” the broma that Edson Dávila realizedwith a commentary that the conductors focus on and sing. “Lo que ha dicho es que no insistence en ser M cuando eres L. No insistence en pocas palabras”, comment Suárez, dejando a Pozo sin palabras.

You can choose to follow the focus of the conversation Edson Davila, while there are criticisms of the use of leggins-apretadas, while there are no critics who apply the recommendations.

Claudia García there is a critic of the story and the peinado of it Janet Barboza, while his defender plays his game and has his characteristic character. The confrontation between two people that attracts the attention of the audience proves that Barboza is not content with the expert’s opinion in a modern and personal way.

García analyzes a photo taken by Barboza wearing a dress suit and shown as “tela para cortina” by the part of the conductors of Argentinian LAM program. While the expert proves that different types of choices can be made.

Claudia García has criticized Janet Barboza’s dress in terms of escote en peinado. (Video: América Hoy / América TV).

“A lot of the equipment used in the US to show vestidos is getting much bigger. The escote is a poco and creo that will provide a greater share of the arrival, so that the poorest escote will become larger and will turn out to be other peinados,” said Claudia García.

It is always the case that the vestido parecía is disabled. Presenting the comments will allow you to make your reservations. The criticism intensifies on the other side of our vestidos, García’s catalog as anticuado en fuera de poca.

“Hay que actualizar los vestidos, a mi me parece que si le visits a la señora Janet y se le ve regia, pero the vestido is very nice. The fashion is cíclica, but the cortes are of actualizando. This vestido is much strange,” commented the expert.

Defense of this style, Barboza replication, indicates that the fashion circuits are more prestigious, the style of the pass often re-emerges as trends. García, commenting on the Peruvian market on a emprendedoras locales, argues that the natural fashion, actualization and modernization are fundamental for mantener relevance.

Claudia García confirmed that Janet Barboza’s dress is ochre. (Video: América Hoy / América TV).

The moment when the mayor changes the friction with Barboza’s suggestion varies its distinctive peinado rizado, which is interpreted by the presentation as a radical and personal identity card. Barboza confirms his preference for his natural lifestyle, opposing the idea of ​​​​the alisarlo only by a recommendation from an expert in fashion.

García made it clear that his intention does not impose an era on a drastic cambio, but encourages the exploration of different styles to be able to choose those more favored by Barboza. Because an embargo does not make the conductor the most receptive, he will not be aware of the comments on the e-specialist in fashion and images.