Lifecycle: Demos and Cancellations on the CDMX

The state of affairs in the AICM is current in the real world (Infobae)

A time, a demo, a demo and a cancellation, are the branches of one of the operations in the country Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez de la Ciudad de México (AICM).

If there is one of the largest Latin American Americans and the most important countries of Mexico, the airline reports it is a real time of our operations.

This is the moment when the flames burn cancellations y que se encuentran demoras and the AICM al corte del 6:00 PM horas del jueves 2 de mayo.

Demos and cancellations in the AICM (Cuartoscuro)

Vuelo: UA 1025

Destination: Houston Ia

Aerolinea: United Airlines

Hora: 4:40 PM

E status: Cancelled

Vuelo: AM 304

Destination: Acapulco

Aerolinea: Aeromexico

Hora: 17:10

E status: Demorado

Vuelo: AM 352

Destination: Mazatlan

Aerolinea: Aeromexico

Hora: 17:10

City: Demorado

Vuelo: AM 2432

Destination: Durango

Aerolinea: Aeromexico

Hora: 5:40 PM

E status: Demorado

Vuelo: AM 5

Destination: Paris-Cdg

Aerolinea: Aeromexico

Hora: 18:10

City: Demorado

Vuelo: Y4 410

Destined: Chihuahua

Aerolinea: Volaris

Hora: 8:00 PM

E status: Demorado

Vuelo: BA 242

Destination: London

Aerolinea: British Airways

Hora: 22:24

City: Demorado

Reviewing the rest of the AICM status can give you a real time commitment when it’s official and bus for the number of flights, aviation or safe haven or destination.

Como usuario de las aerolíneast has previous demoras and cancellations (Cuartoscuro)

Before a case of a demo promotion was canceled, there were a number of series derechos minimos that you respect all airlines operating in a national territory, when it comes to Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profeco).

It’s a vuelo fue withdrawn by more of a horaWhile aviation weighs as little as possible during the horas, the idea is that you are given a different purpose and food or food.

In case life is like this demonstration for more horasOnce this is the case, it becomes clear that aviation produces no more than 7.5% of the value of the boleto.

If you have an embargo, you can register Most of the time the refund or cancellation is canceledthe airline offers a number of other options:

If the value of the boleto is restored, there will be damages that cannot amount to 25% of the value of the match.

A lugar in the first food available, alimentos and, in that case, alojamiento and transport terrestre to y hacia the aeropuerto.

A ball for the mismo purpose at a later age can receive compensation not lower than 25% of the value of the ball.

Considering that these are the minimum obligations in the field of aviation, an embargo can be one of these indemnities that you can consult later in the case.

La Profeco presents itself on an airline, including the AICM. In any case, make sure that you receive information about irregular information about your flight trip and aviation.

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