Dua Lipa stops rapping Mikey Day in ‘SNL’ promo

In a video promo for this weekend’s show, “Saturday Night Live” regular Mikey Day is insulted when host Dua Lipa, who is pulling double duty and also serves as musical guest, doesn’t take him up on his offer to help her with his own musical style.

“You know, if you get too tired to make music, it’s all good. I’m ready,” Day told Lipa. He cited his expertise in freestyle rap from his time on the MTV battle rap improv comedy show “Wild ‘N Out.”

“I didn’t know you made music,” says the singer, who then assures him, “You know, I think I’ll be fine.”


“Oh, you’re not going to ask me to spit something?” Day responds. “OK. Wow. There’s no way Dua Lipa is going to ask me to spit anything.”

As they start recording a new promo, he bursts out with, “Whoa-oh. Dua Lipa.
Double trouble. Double the Dua. Double the Lipa,” as she throws her hands in the air and grimaces behind him.

“Um, are you okay?” she asks.

Day and host Ryan Gosling had the entire cast in an uproar — except for Kenan Thompson — when he and “The Fall Guy” star appeared in a town hall sketch as animated duo Beavis and Butthead. They pulled the same stunt – pun intended – at the premiere of Gosling’s new film, in which he plays a Hollywood stuntman.

This Saturday marks Lipa’s hosting debut, but it will be her third appearance on the show. Her new album, ‘Radical Optimism’, will be released on Friday. Her acting credits include “Barbie,” in which she played Mermaid Barbie (alongside John Cena as Merman Ken), and the spy movie parody “Argylle.”

On Thursday, NBC announced that season 49 would conclude its final two episodes with hosts Maya Rudolph and Jake Gyllenhaal, featuring musical guests Vampire Weekend and “Espresso” singer Sabrina Carpenter.

Maya Rudolph, Jake Gyllenhaal