DNA test shocker in Rs 1 cr insurance murder case

CHENNAI: In a new twist to the murder for Rs 1 crore insurance in Chengalpattu, post-DNA test has now revealed that the victim was a woman.

Police initially believed that the deceased was J Suresh from Chennai. Later, the police discovered that Suresh was alive and arrested him for claiming that he had killed his friend Dilli Babu and staged it as his death to claim an insurance policy of Rs 1 crore.

Although Dilli Babu from Ernavoor remained untraceable, DNA testing on the body has now revealed that the victim was a woman, leaving investigators baffled.

The Chengalpattu district police had arrested Suresh, a gym trainer, in January this year for the alleged murder of Dilli Babu, who had ‘staged’ it as his death for Rs 1 crore insurance money, after the ‘victim”s elder brother told the court had approached.

The DNA test report accessed by this newspaper revealed that the deceased was a woman. The finding now contradicts the police’s claim and further exposes the failure of the post-mortem procedure, which had not even managed to find out whether the deceased was a man or a woman. It was alleged that the autopsy was conducted by a PG student and not by forensic doctors.

According to the DNA report, the viscera sample, which was analyzed from February 5 to April 8, and the DNA profile obtained from it showed that it belonged to a female.

If the DNA test report is anything to go by, the police will now have to track down Dilli Babu, who was believed to have been murdered by Suresh. Investigators will also have to determine the identity of the deceased.

The victim’s death happened in September 2023 in a hut, where the charred body was found. Initially, Suresh’s family identified it as his body. But after Dilli Babu’s family approached the court saying there was no response from police to their complaint about Dilli Babu’s disappearance, police discovered that Suresh was very much alive and ‘he had killed Dilli Babu’ to kill him stage and claim the insurance amount.