The April recaudación reflects the activity in the level of activity and the progress of the practice

Fuente: Noticias Argentinas

The recaudación tributaria creció in abril 240%, a sensible menor of the underregistration by the inflammation at the last moment – ​​​​and marzo marcó a accumulation of 290%-casi, debido the recession and the menor cantidad de puestos de trabajo.

Market revenues already exceed $8.6 billion, representing an increase of 239.6%.

An indication of consumption, the influence of Valor Agregado, registers an annual variation of 256.2% in April.

For your part, the impuesto is loose Debits and CreditsAn idea used to analyze the level of economic activity can yield an amount of $611,963 million, with an annual increase of 227.7%, sensible because of the increase in inflation.

Other information is that this is verified in the rubro Seguridad SocialWith a total recovery of $1.9 billion, you represent a sub of 217.3% in the first month of 2023.

This is the explanation given by the Federal Administration of Ingresos Públicos (AFIP) the caída de los puestos de trabajo “changes the variation between the years”.

Usually the concept is that in the previous months more will be created in the coming months Impuesto Solidario Paiswith a variation of 1,106.5%, totaling $510,247 million.

It is a sub-infection the last depreciation instruments in the last period of the last decisionsJunto with el informed about the alimony due to the principle of one yearwhile the pago begins to import bienes and fletes, among other cuestiones.

También subió with the recaudación por Derechos de Exportaciónwhile AFIP is worth $318,428 million, with an annual variation of 529.8%.

In this case the damage is positive under the cambio tip and most of the agricultural sector’s exports, through the next steps of the year what the impact is on the production of grains.