Ryan Gosling will not be taking on ‘dark’ roles in favor of Eva Mendes and Kids

Ryan Gosling no longer takes on dark roles in favor of Eva Mendes and daughters 545

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Ryan Gosling will no longer take on psychologically distorted roles for the benefit of an old partner Eva Mendes and their two daughters.

“I don’t really play roles that put me in some kind of dark situation,” Gosling, 43, told the BBC. Wall Street Journal in a new interview published on Thursday, May 2. “This moment is where I feel like reading the room at home and thinking about what will be best for all of us. The decisions I make, I make together with Eva and we make them with our family in mind first.”

The actor further told the outlet that he and Emma Stonethe musical of 2016, La La Landwas the ‘first’ film that initiated his career change.

“It was like, ‘Oh, this will be fun for them too, because even though they don’t come on set, we practice piano every day or we dance or sing,’” he explained. “Their interest in Barbie and their disinterest in Ken was an inspiration. I thought they were already making little videos about their Barbies on the iPad when it happened, so the fact that I went to work to make one too made us feel like we were on the same page.”

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Gosling – who is the opposite star Emily Blunt in the action/comedy film The autumn manin cinemas Friday May 3 – also explained WJ how his filmmaking mindset changed from the early days of his career.

“I think for so long I was just trying to pay the bills and work,” he said. “It’s only recently that I feel like I’ve realized that I have this opportunity to actually make the kind of films that made me love films.”

Ryan Gosling no longer takes on dark roles in favor of Eva Mendes and daughters 547Ryan Gosling no longer takes on dark roles in favor of Eva Mendes and daughters 547

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Although Gosling walked the red carpet solo at the Fall guy premiere earlier this week, he couldn’t help but talk about Mendes, 50, and their daughters during his big night.

“She is with the girls, and when she works, I also stay home with the girls. I couldn’t be here without her,” Gosling said Additional at the event. (The couple, who have been together since 2011, share daughters Esmeralda, 9, and Amada, 8.)

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Gosling went on to reveal that in addition to being his longtime love and holding down the fort when he’s working, Mendes has also become “the best acting coach I’ve ever had,” adding, “It’s endless how much she helps me.’

As his “acting coach,” Gosling said Mendes had one request when it came to filming dangerous stunts for The autumn man. “Don’t shoot,” he said Additional. “It was also a request from my children: ‘Make a stunt film, but don’t get set on fire.’”