Cam’ron defends Dame Dash for talking about Jay-Z

Hip-hop fans say they’re tired of Dame Dash speaking on Jay-Z, but Cam’ron says interviewers are the same, Dame is not to blame.

“You get all these statements about ‘Ladies need to stop talking about Jay-Z,’ ‘He always talks about Jay-Z,’ ‘Why is he talking about Jay-Z?’ You asked him about Jay-Z! He doesn’t just get up and talk about Jay-Z this or Jay-Z that,” Cam said. “You ask him these questions so you can understand the sound when he answers, and then it seems like all he’s talking about is n-ggas.”

Dame and Jay’s friendship ended in 2004 when Roc-A-Fella was sold to Def Jam. Jay-Z was subsequently named president of the label and also received his employer’s cut of Dame Dash being removed from the deal.

Rumor has it that Jay wants to go a more mainstream route, while Dame wants to continue working with the formula that got them to the top of the charts.

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