Medidas coercion against the country’s culture is contrary to the Carta de la ONU – Escambray

The Permanent Representative of Cuba to the Organism, Ernesto Soberón, has considered the economic and social necessity, justice and balance for the promotion of a paz for everything

Endorse your country’s compromise with the implementation of the Declaration and Excise Program on a Culture of Paz. (Photo: PL)

Cuba has considered the impact of the coercive measures against the culture of this promotion by national universities as being dispositions as opposed to the ONU card and the international Derecho.

Already intervening before the Asamblea General, the permanent representative of the island before the organism, Ernesto Soberón, reconsidered the economic and social necessity, the justice and the equality to promote a good promotion.

The diplomat has adopted the destabilization promotion, the non-conventional guerra tactics and the legitimate legitimate dealing with the order; Because the manipulation of human beings militates against suffering, people may remain silent about the atrocities that are becoming more and more common.

“The promotion of exceptional misconceptions, discussions of other ideas and supremacist ideas, racists and xenophores constitute a real fight against the culture of the country,” he noted.

The embajador’s record that during his decades of Cuba has achieved the imposication of most economic, commercial and financial institutions in the state universities, with a direct impact, is pitiful and much negative in the quality of life of Cubans.

The political situation is that there are opportunistic practices during the pandemic and with the unjustified inclusion of Cuba on the fraudulent list of patrons of terrorism; if it is about information and not conventional struggle, this is contrary to the idea of ​​culture.

We have ratified our country’s compromise with the implementation of the Declaration and Program of Accion for a Paz Cult as the Derecho Internacional, the Carta de la Naciones Unidas and the Proclama of America Latina and the Caribbean in the Zona de Paz .

If an embargo, a world that knows a utopia, does not privilege multilateralism and cooperation, there are still no legitimate differences and hegemony rights can be favored, all respect.

The diplomat has vetoed the Unidos states to hinder the accession to Palestine if the ONU is complete, which is evidence of a real compromise with the Estados solution.

In this case, Washington’s complicity in the genocide against the Palestinian people is being confronted with all impunity and the eyes of the international community.

The consequence of sobriety is that the consequence is that there is a culture of 34 million people, and the mayors and children, as personal humanitarians and of the national unitary states, can enjoy many of Israel’s indiscriminatory attacks in Gaza.