K-Content media channel ‘KITTO’ is planning an official launch in Thailand

'KITTO', a platform aimed at spreading Korean lifestyle and cultural phenomena, has made its formal debut in Thailand.  (Photo: KITTO, kakaostyle Corp.)

‘KITTO’, a platform aimed at spreading Korean lifestyle and cultural phenomena, has made its formal debut in Thailand. (Photo: KITTO, kakaostyle Corp.)

Focusing on the Thai market by positioning itself as ‘K-Culture Curator’.

Introducing a wide range of content, including K-entertainment, fashion, beauty, food and more, through the website and SNS channels.

It has amassed over 210,000 followers in just six months, cementing its position as a leader in the media sector since launching its beta service in July last year.

SEOGNAM, South Korea, May 3, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–‘KITTO’, a platform aimed at spreading Korean lifestyle and cultural phenomena, has made its formal debut in Thailand.

Operating under the banner of ‘K-Culture Curator’, KITTO aims to promote the value of K-content, which has gained global attention, and promote greater engagement among younger users in Thailand. In July of the previous year, KITTO started a beta service and subsequently opened a large number of social media channels (SNS), such as Instagram, in navigating the mobile-centric landscape.

KITTO goes beyond the mere translation and introduction of popular Korean content by delivering localized, high-quality content across every channel. Since its inception, the media has improved accessibility and user satisfaction, resulting in a current follower count of over 210,000. Remarkably, KITTO has quickly gained fame as a leading K-content account on Instagram within just six months of its opening.

KITTO distinctively produces image or video-oriented content from various domains, including K-entertainment, gastronomy, fashion, beauty and prominent places. Furthermore, it promotes a mutually beneficial relationship between content development and potential by co-creating content with leading K-trend partners.

KITTO has received critical acclaim from numerous users for its exclusive interviews and film works with prominent K-pop artists such as the groups ‘tripleS’ and ‘Kep1er’. In addition, it has presented competitive content by collaborating with various players such as the Korea Fashion Industry Association, fashion brand ‘STAND OIL’, accommodation booking platform ‘STAYFOLIO’ and travel content platform ‘Daytrip’, among others.

KITTO will strategically enrich visual treats for users and extend their useful life by offering diversified content that incorporates the versatile interests of local users. In addition, KITTO will actively engage with Thailand’s younger population, who are sensitive to entertainment and trends, through numerous SNS channels, through interactive content delivery, in addition to information sharing.

A KITTO official said: “Our continued efforts are aimed at realizing the goal of becoming a leading channel for Thailand’s MZ generation to access trending K content quickly and immersively. KITTO is committed to catalyzing the proliferation of K-content, especially within the fashion space, which shows significant growth potential not only within Thailand but also on a global scale.”

(Kakao style)
Kakao Style (CEO Seo Jeong-hoon) was formally established on July 1, 2021 through the merger of ‘croqui.com’ (the operator of ZigZag) and the ‘Style Business Division’, a division spun off from Kakao Commerce. Its main offering is ‘ZigZag’, a style commerce platform that curates fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. Launched in 2015, ZigZag uses AI technology to tailor product recommendations to individual preferences, including favorite shopping destinations, favorite products and purchase history. It holds the top position in transaction volume among women’s fashion platforms. Furthermore, Kakao Style is creating a commercial ecosystem focused on ‘personalization’ and ‘relationships’ through the operation of the 4050 fashion platform ‘Posty’ and the fashion curation service ‘Fashion by Kakao’.

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KITTO, Kakaostyle Corp.
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