Alex Béjar and Franco Cabrera: Is the difference between the discoveries of Ethel Pozo and the Spanish actress?

Alex Béjar and Franco Cabrera put their best foot forward. (Photo: Captura de IG)

The number of Franco Cabrera If you want to use sonar, this is the case is accompanied by the actor Alex Béjar, a 25 year old boy who interpreted a Laia in the exitosa series ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’. Record emos that have become extremely popular in Peru have participated in Netflix’s ‘Elite’ series and played by ‘AFHS’.

As we began a new era in this new country, in 2024 it was decided to return to the famous American television TV, which can be added additional Laia Saenz. Now that your presentation is caused by sorpresa, you wonder if it can produce several films in Spain, the paper of which is rewarded twice.

As this embargo goes to extremes, an echo is made by Franco Cabrera, a television conductor and Peruvian film actor. Friends, a woman who has a great sentimental relationship with Ethel Pozo, he is the diva of the Peruvian television diva Gisela Valcarcerl.

Alex Béjar and Franco Cabrera have been captados during the urban music events. (Photo: Captura de IG)

Alex Bejar after the year 1999 it is exactly in Madrid, Spain. Ella works in an old way; When an embargo is no longer the fault of our leaders, it is the duty to study audiovisual communications, but now we may turn our lawsuits into action.

The other boy Franco Cabrera He is a Peruvian comedian who came up on December 23, 1986, while that was actually the case 37 years ago. If it is the last time, it becomes clear to the actor that he encounters the soltero.

If you found an old actor of a different age, you can come to the conclusion that there is a difference of 13 years between all these ages. Obviously it is not pronounced like that, but it is certain that it is a total solution.

Alex Béjar regresa the broadcast of ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’, temporada 11 of América TV.

The portal for espectáculos ‘Instarándula’ compartió algunas images between Franco Cabrera j Alex Bejar besándose an event of music. If there is an embargo, the program ‘Amor y Fuego’ can no longer be an escenas of the four, while the material of the ambos is played, and that it is countered in a bastante comprometedora situation.

The actors watch the conocido concert of the reggaeton llamado ‘Cochinola’, but you can’t imagine that they often go out of their way to do this. This shows that artists have a lot of confidence, this is the difference that actually exists between these two jobs.

Alex Béjar plays Laia Sáenz for a large part of the time ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’; If you have an embargo, while the surgical projects are being decided in Spain, you decide to end the series to continue your carrera in your year of birth. Putting an end to the grab action we have to wait, Peru decides to return to go a more man of life Gigio Aranda.

“Sí, I think I spent a lot of time on a tram that showed me a lot with Laia, and my son in Spain, that I made a decision and felt that the moment of the company was in Spain, that I was for everyone would like Verdad that the final of the last time with Gigio (Aranda) and me is ‘Oh, can I play the películas?’ y yo le dijo entre diciembre y enero, y me dijo ‘vale, hablamos luego cuando sepas la fecha, porque quiero que vuelvas’ y yo feliz, empezar el año tra vez así es algo maravilloso”, mencionó.

The motivation for Alex Béjar saying goodbye to ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’.