Organic walnuts in Spokane possibly contaminated with E. coli, infections linked to stores in the western United States

Nuts! If you love a healthy, organic walnut, it might be time to check if the store you bought it from is linked to a possible bacterial infection.

At least six people in Washington state have become infected with E. coli bacteria after eating large amounts of organic walnut halves and pieces, according to the FDA. At least half a dozen more are infected in California. No one died from their infection.

In Spokane, exposure is primarily tied to a series of Rosauers stores.

Here are all the stores in Spokane that carried the possibly infected walnuts:

  • 830 E 29e, Rosauers supermarket
  • 1724 W Francis, Rosauers Supermarket
  • 2610 E 29e, Rosauers supermarket
  • 10618 E Sprague, Rosauers supermarket
  • 9414 N Division, Rosauers Supermarket
  • 926 S Monroe, Huckleberry Natural Market
  • 7511 N Freya, Anacortes Market
  • 4235 Cheney-Spokane Road, Yokes Fresh Market #19

Pilgrim’s Nutrition at 1316 North 4th Ave. in Coeur d’Alene is also on the list.

If a reader purchased walnuts from one of these stores, throw them away and wash any containers or surfaces they may have touched. E. coli bacteria can cause serious or even life-threatening infections. Symptoms include diarrhea, severe abdominal pain and vomiting. Most people get better within five to seven days, but children under five years of age are at greater risk of serious illness.