WestProp unveils $300 million mixed-use estate as part of urban renewal

WestProp Holdings Limited, listed on the VICTORIA Falls Stock Exchange, yesterday commenced development of the $300 million Hills Luxury Golf Estate as urban regeneration intensifies.

In addition to building a world-class golf course, the development will also include the construction of villas, apartments, townhouses, country clubs, hotels, tennis and swimming academies and a shopping center.

The golf course will be modeled after an 18-hole golf course used on the PGA Tour.

“Today’s launch, which will continue the groundbreaking, kicks off the development of the rebranded Hills Luxury Estate, formerly known as Warren Hills Golf Club, into a mixed-use luxury lifestyle estate for live, work, shop and play,” said Ken Sharpe, CEO of WestProp. said yesterday.

“This is part of our contribution to the urban renewal projects endorsed by the second republic. With this project we are creating a value of more than 300 million dollars. We are confident that by the time it is completed, the value of the investment in this project will have grown substantially.”

He said the project would add 70 million bricks to the target of one billion bricks by 2050.

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“This project we are undertaking today is a legacy project. It brings many firsts for Sub-Saharan Africa and Zimbabwe. I believe this project will change the perception of Harare and Zimbabwe forever,” Sharpe added.

“We are on a mission to ensure one billion bricks are put in the ground by 2050 across all our projects, including Pokugara Residential Estate, Millennium Heights, Pomona City and Hills Golf Estate. This project will consume an estimated 70 million bricks. So this project alone will double our building blocks and bring us to over 150 million, realizing almost 15% of the vision.”

WestProp engaged renowned golf course designer Peter Matkovich and top architect Joan Balagué Capdet for the project.

“It is with great privilege that I welcome Joan Balagué Capdet. He flew all the way from Barcelona, ​​Spain yesterday. He is the man who designed this beautiful estate that we are unveiling today. He came up with a concept plan. The first time he walked on this land was about two years ago,” Sharpe noted.

“He was involved and instrumental in creating the city plan to integrate this mixed-use development into a smart city, where we have beautiful photographs of what is being designed on the walls around you. He designed the houses.”

Sharpe said Matkovich will create an 18-hole world championship golf course.

“Peter came to see me a few years ago, he said to me: not only have I designed the best golf courses in Africa and won the most awards for the best golf courses, but I am also a man from the soil of Zimbabwe. Sharpe said.

“He was born in Zimbabwe and he wanted to come back to Zimbabwe and leave his legacy, leave his mark in his later years on the best course he designed.”

Apart from this development, other WestProp projects include the Millennium Heights which is still ongoing, Pokugara Residential Estate, Pomona City (ongoing), The Mall of Zimbabwe and the Millennium Heights Office Park.

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