Letters from Libby: How a Balanced Schedule Can Help You Get Started This Summer

Dear readers,

Summer is all about making fun memories, from a night out in downtown Kansas City to catching up with friends from high school. However, adopting a schedule that combines work and play can be helpful in the future and in other areas of life.

Maintaining a balanced and timely schedule throughout the year is a powerful strategy for a more focused mindset. Having a routine during the school year is easy; a calendar is useful between mandatory class times and work shifts that are so specific. However, because students have a lot of free time during the summer, there are endless possibilities to fill your day.

Instead of sleeping until 1 p.m. and staying out until 3 a.m., consider adjusting your sleep schedule and exploring new hobbies or jobs to give yourself a sense of responsibility.

Having a summer job gives you a stable salary, the chance to meet people from all walks of life, and teaches you new skills that school can’t offer. This keeps you engaged, broadens your horizons with different views on life and brings you new opportunities that you never imagined.

With a sense of year-round routine and a balanced schedule, time management skills will develop and the importance of time will be a new skill for you.

If working isn’t an option for you, try adding an elective or class to your schedule so you have something to do, learn a new language, or try a new subject you’ve always said you’ll try. Some universities offer low-cost or free resources for summer classes, including courses on Harvard University, The University of California And Georgia Tech.

If you need a break from school and work, find a new hobby or book series you’ve always wanted to try. There are plenty of options, but if you’re having trouble finding some, examples from this article include:Need a new hobby? Here are 31 fun ideas to try this summer.”

While summer is a perfect opportunity to keep your brain motivated, don’t put pressure on yourself. After all, we are young and should be making memories with friends, but there has to be a balance between making memories and securing a future for ourselves.

Work and school don’t always have to come first, but these planning tactics will keep the left side of your brain motivated during an off season so you can come back better than ever.