Beltone launches a $100 million private lending platform for Egyptian exporters

Beltone Investment Holdings invests in the future export giants of the Egyptian economy.

Beltone Investment Holdings (BIH), a subsidiary of Beltone Holding, a financial solutions provider in the Middle East and North Africa, has announced the launch of a $100 million private lending platform to ease financial pressure on Egyptian export companies.

With the Egyptian economy poised to become more export-oriented in the near future, Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to establish a comprehensive enabling platform to support the growth prospects of the Egyptian economy. The size of the platform is intended to be adaptable to market demand and is expected to grow over time. All appropriate licenses have been obtained to begin operations, and the $100 million financing for the platform will be lent by a principal shareholder of Beltone Holding.

With a focus on partnering with companies engaged in offshore projects and providing support such as working capital financing and cash flow discounting, BIH is reportedly committed to building the next generation of Egyptian companies to represent the nation in the GCC, Africa and beyond.