Meet the Olde English Bulldogge of Bears’ Caleb Williams, Supa – NBC Sports Chicago

NBC Sports Chicago is packed with all the Caleb Williams content you could ever want, but we can’t say we’ve done our due diligence until we introduce the city of Chicago to their quarterbacks — or should we say “better” — half , Supa.

Supa is Williams’ Olde English Bulldogge, about 14 months old and named after Williams’ nickname on the football field: ‘Superman’.

“I had a few bulldogs when I was younger,” Williams told GQ in September 2023. “He brings a lot more swag and energy into my life.”

Caleb Williams' dog Supa is named after his nickname, "Superman"

You may remember Supa from Williams’ infamous postgame interview at USC last season after a brutal loss to Washington that left him crying on the sidelines. After the match, a reporter asked about his emotional state.

“I want to go home and cuddle the dog and watch some shows,” he said.

Literally the same.

Most dog lovers can relate to that sentiment. After all, that’s what dogs are for, right? Unconditional love.

“I love it when Supa greets me when I come home, especially after long days of sports and school,” Williams told USA Today. “There’s no judgement. No questions. Just me and him chilling.”

Anyone who gives a dog a loving home is a hero, but there’s no doubt that Supa is living the best life in Williams’ Los Angeles penthouse. I suspect they will have an even more luxurious living situation when he gets to Chicago.

“All he wants to do is cuddle,” Williams told GQ. “And it actually has two beds. He lives like a king, to be honest.’

If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the two galloping through the city. Williams, 22, told USA Today that he enjoys taking road trips and exploring new places with Supa.

“I took Supa all over LA,” he said. “It was a lot of fun showing him around the campus and the football center. Everyone gets really excited to see him, and I like that he puts a smile on people’s faces.”

If you need more Supa content in your life, you’re in luck. The puppy has its own Instagram account where you can follow his adventures.

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