Man refuses to pay for his girlfriend’s extended vacation without him and the internet is happy about it

When trust and mutual respect take their toll in a relationship, it becomes quite difficult to stay happily together. In such cases, a partner must stand up for themselves and set clear boundaries. One man, u/Fabulous-Plenty-5465, poured his heart out on Reddit and revealed how his girlfriend of two years made an unreasonable request on the last day of their trip to Italy and how he refused to agree. The post has received a lot of attention on the site, with 14,000 votes and 2.7,000 comments.

Representative image source: Pexels |  Pixabay
Representative image source: Pexels | Pixabay

The 28-year-old man first discussed how he had planned a two-week holiday with his 27-year-old girlfriend in Italy. He wrote: ‘I paid for the flights and hotels – all because I earn more than them, and I wanted it to be a stress-free trip for both of us.’ The man encountered no problems during the trip. But on the last day, his girlfriend said she wanted to stay in Italy a little longer without him, to “find herself” and think about their relationship. Her request “completely blinded and hurt him.” The friend wrote, “I was hurt and told her that if she feels like she needs time alone, she also needs to be financially independent during this extension of her trip.”

Representative image source: Pexels |  Timur Weber
Representative image source: Pexels | Timur Weber

He said: “Now she is upset and calls me unsupportive and selfish, and some of our friends say I am a ****** for leaving her stranded abroad without financial help.” The man turned to the community to hear their thoughts on the situation and whether it was wrong of him not to finance her extended stay on vacation. People sided with the man and praised him for refusing to pay all the extra costs for his girlfriend. u/deshi_mi said: “She left herself in a foreign country. She had the return ticket. It was her choice not to use it.”

Image source: Reddit |  u/SlakChateau
Image source: Reddit | u/SlakChateau
Image source: Reddit |  u/Queasy-Leg1273
Image source: Reddit | u/Queasy-Leg1273

Another individual, u/Kufat, commented, “She pretty much dumped you, and then she expected you to spend extra money out of pocket so she could extend her vacation.” u/Apart-Ad-6518 commented: “‘She tells me she wants to stay longer to find herself and think about our relationship without me.’ She can then do it at her own expense. Why would you expect to fund her? u/introvert_bean pointed out: “She’s the selfish one. It sounds like she’s taking you for granted and who knows what she might do during her extended stay? I hope you are doing well because that is a very painful move.”

The man gave an update in the same post, revealing that he had broken up with the woman. At home, she packed her things to stay with her family. He said she had met someone while they were in Italy and probably wanted to stay and see “if it would go anywhere.” This led him to end things with her because he didn’t want to be with someone who kept her “options open” after being in a monogamous relationship for two years.