Dead X Levenkhan player H8rs

Hard dance powerhouses Dead X and Levenkhan have combined their talents on their new track, “Player H8rs,” via the Basscon Records label. LA-based producer Dead pulverizing force. The song starts at 160 bpm and builds to 190 bpm, presenting a driving sonic attack that combines Levenkhan’s Punk-Frenchcore and Uptempo finesse with Dead X’s punk-rawstyle roots.

Dead “Levenkahn and I met at the Basscon Pool Party in May 2023 and decided to collaborate. I went back to the airbnb and wrote the melody for this song that same afternoon. There were busy schedules and the track waited for the better part of 9 months for us to get back together to finish it. Once Levenkahn put his spin on things, magic happened and here we are.

Amsterdam-based Levenkhan is an American artist pushing the sounds of uptempto and Frenchcore. Levenkhan has released collaborations with Mr. Ivex, Rooler, Sickmode, Rayvolt and Yosuf. He has an upcoming show at Brooklyn Monarch as the opening act for Radical Redemption and DJ Isaac.

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