Tycoon Richard Branson does not want to be called a ‘billionaire’: ‘Very insulting’

Billionaire tycoon Richard Branson said he doesn’t define success in terms of money because it’s not a sign of it. The business magnate said: ‘Maybe ‘billionaire’ is a sign of success in America, but that worries me. I think your reputation is what you create.”

I don’t want to be called a billionaire, says Richard Branson

Billionaire entrepreneur and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson is seen. (Reuters)

Richard Branson told CNBC Make It that he finds it “quite insulting” to be presented as “the billionaire Richard Branson” and not as the co-founder of Virgin Group, because he believes no one’s net worth should be a measure of their success. .

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Money has never been his main motivating force, he said, because he believes that to be successful, one must be able to seek out interesting and exciting opportunities that help them find greater happiness. This will ultimately make you successful, he said.

Paychecks don’t matter, says Richard Branson

Richard Branson said, “We only have one life. We spend a lot of time at work and it would be sad if we only did that for our paycheck.”

When Mark Cuban echoed Richard Branson’s views

Previously, Shark Tank judge and billionaire Mark Cuban said in a podcast: “Success isn’t necessarily how much money you have. Success simply means setting a goal and waking up every morning feeling good about what you have accomplished.”

“Time is the only asset you can never get back. You can never really own it. I wanted to be in a position where I could make my own decisions (and) spend time the way I wanted to spend time. That was always my motivating factor,” he explained.

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