Personas y perros tenemos ‘factor g’, clave en la vejez

Personas y perros tenemos 'factor g', clave en la vejez
There are many ‘factors’ of intelligence that compare many character traits with their human homos, among people, the patroness of the environment. Photo: freepik

Research on the decline of cognition, which can be produced with education, is easier to achieve with the e-studio realization with a perros group for scientific people: Concluding that los canes tens cubits factor g the intelligence that compares many characteristics with his human homoentre ellas, los patrones de envejecimiento.

The General Intelligence Studio o factor gas Professor Fernando Maureira Cid explains in his environment What is the intelligence?the Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez, in Santiago de Chile, at the beginning of his life, is divided into part of an innate factor, hereditary and with no influence from the environment (Galton, Goddard and Teman) and part of a capacity adaptable by the entorno (Binet y Simon).

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In this context, Charles Spearman (1904), with the ideas of Galton, postulated the existence of a single factor of the intelligence, the natural sensory and which correlates with the academic representation. Later, in 1923, Spearman postulated the existence of elements or factors containing intelligence, and formulated a double factor of misma. An ash tree el factor g The bottom line is that this corresponds to an aspect that separates all possibilities of lifeI know that it is a sujeto that gives a good idea of ​​the results of buenos or relative buenos in other pruebas.

For Spearman, it is possible that the results of different tests match each other. For the author there is an era of special spiritual energy, a kind of heredity, which can travel through time, but it can also be another life.

Cognitive structure of the perros

In the estudio it is difficult to pay GeroScienceA scientist from the University of Loránd (ELTE) examines his existing influences on the edad, independent estadísticamente, in the estructura cognitiva of the canina and with the factors that moderate individuals on the cognitive environment, and that is transversal in the longitudinal direction.

These researchers have found that understanding the intelligence and position of the person they are considering is considered Santo Grial de las ciencias naturales. And your opinion, animals can determine the information about the origin and their organization.

Furthermore, a human being has a variety of cognitive abilities that correlate positively; For example, if you are concerned with a mathematical issue, you can turn to literature. For, Human cognitive capacities are centralized, but can also be organizedIf the specifics of this subject have more cognitive skills.

The use of this method is a general cognitive factor of the lama factor g. Fundamental components of intelligence influence all sub-cognitive skills and are associated with the highest academic and professional background.

Bórbala Turcsán, one of the researchers, has reflected that “the cognitive and sociocognitive knowledge of the perros is a theme much popular in the scientific literature, while the mayor of the e-studios makes comparisons and is central to the representation of the perros as specific. Unfortunately, these studios can focus on the vast differences between individuals and specific facilities and areas they may have. As a result, you may develop the knowledge of the perros”.

To analyze all this, a series of several years is reunited to evaluate the cognitive performance of 129 family relationships, between three and 15 years, and the rastrearon during these years and medium.

Factor g perros, parecido al humano

It can form a similar structure to observing human knowledge. Researchers identify their vast domains: the independent solution of problems (the persistence, the solution of problems and the memory) and the capacity of science (association and a solo investigation).

These dominios are interconnected, which indicates that problems with more common problem solving capabilities can solve new problems faster. This confirms the existence of a cognitive factor superior to one. Basándose in human literature, the autores are more and more refiried factor g canino.

If you want to verify that a predictive value exists that is comparable to the human description. “To confirm that he identifies the cognitive factor in general, he examines whether it correlates with individual characteristics, such as human literature and other special animals, when related factor g”, destaca Tamás Faragó, the equipment.

The results have been revealed apart from the high points factor g eran más propensos a explorer entornos desconocidosMost mayors are interested in new developments and, in the new situation of the past period, have become increasingly aware of the fact that the sticks are increasingly bajas.

Además, de puntuación G the people who have a relationship with their personal situation, which comes in the middle of an extra cuestionado for the animals. A puntuación alta del factor g see more activities with nivelles, nivel and entrepreneurial capabilities. This is confirmation that this has happened el factor g canino the human part is not only in the structure, but also in the external relations.

While the numerous paralelismos, the research on the correlation of the dog’s cognitive abilities offers new perspectives to the field of research in the field of environment.

El factor g canino disminuye con la edad

For Zsófia Bognár, head of the estudio, “it is a fact that people, their attention, the capacity of pregnancy and natural memory disappear. If there is an embargo, if the interconnection between the cognitive capacities, it is possible that it will deteriorate with the naval independence, but some factor among the community may cause the deterioration of the various capacities”.

While it is happening now and in the medium time, there is a rastre of the cambios in the cognitive capacity and the demonstration that there is a global deterioration of cognition: the puntuación del factor g canino disminuyó con la edad.

If an embargo is affected by the salud de los perros. Aquellos con peor salud exhibition a reduction of more speed in the value of factor g with la edadBut it is not that observing something significant with the edad en los perros with buena salud.

As the global effect of all cognitive abilities decreases, results are revealed that relate to the experiences in memory and the abilities of the association of science that influence other factors, bringing about a variety of different audiences.

Conclude your estudio This patron of the environment is a human being It is important that research is conducted into the cause of molecular and neurological decline in cognition.

Finally, for the professor Enikö Kubinyi, this new research is “intriguing paralelismos between the human and canino-envejecimiento, which offers more argumentation than that we can use this model for the research of the research. If this is the case, existence resumes factor g caninoI know it is possible for people to understand the evolution and antecedents of human intelligence.”