4batz lives up to the hype with debut album “U Made Me A St4r”

4batz seemingly came out of nowhere. He turned heads on TikTok and then exploded with the Drake remix for his song “Act II: Date @ 8.” Since then, the R&B singer has signed to OVO and kicked off a wild hype cycle for his debut album, You made me a st4r. 4batz’s meteoric rise has led some fans to call him an industrial plant, but now that the album is finally here, we can listen and decide for ourselves. We’re happy to report that 4batz is the real deal. If you like laid-back soul music from artists like Brent Faiyaz and PARTYNEXTDOOR, you’ll also like You made me a st4r.

“Act II: Date @ 8” fits seamlessly into the tracklist here, despite being a hit single. The seductive jam is still short, clocking in at under two minutes, but part of its appeal lies in leaving listeners wanting more. The second single, “Act V: There Goes Another Vase”, furthered 4batz’s aesthetic. Sultry yet sad lyrics (Bryson Tiller fans unite) and instrumentals indebted to ’90s Timbaland. Brent Fayiaz really dipped into the Timbo bag on his last mixtape, but 4batz manages to channel this influence in a less overt way to exercise. “Act VI: Mad Men” and “Act VIII: I Hate to Be Alone” are dark explorations of messy romance that live up to their titles.

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4batz creates an intoxicating atmosphere throughout the album

Kanye West is the sole lead actor You made me a st4r (the aforementioned Drake remix is ​​not included). This is a strange choice on several levels. First, 4batz signs with OVO, which is run by Kanye’s least favorite artist in the world. Secondly, the Chicago rapper doesn’t really fit in with the chill vibe of the rest of the album. Kanye has become an agent of chaos, and while his verse isn’t bad, it sticks out like a sore thumb. You made me a st4r is otherwise a success, provided you don’t mind having heard several songs before release.

What do you think of this brand new album? You made me a st4r by 4batz? Does the R&B singer live up to the industry’s high expectations? Which song is the best and why? Do you think Kanye West had a memorable verse on “Act III: On God”? We’d love to hear what you have to say, so leave your thoughts in the comments section. Moreover, always keep it locked HNHH for all the latest news about 4batz. Finally, stay with us for everything else happening in the music world.

You made me a st4r Tracklist:

  1. umadeeast4r.mp3
  2. I act; stickers “99”
  3. deed ii: date @ 8
  4. act iii: on god? (she loves)
  5. leave with your feelings ho
  6. act iv: fuckin you (18+)
  7. deed v: there goes another vase
  8. act vi: mad men
  9. act vii: all we do is argue, argue
  10. Act viii: I hate being alone
  11. act iii: on god? (she loves) (remix)

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