This week’s petrol and diesel prices in Suffolk, including Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket, Ipswich, Woodbridge, Felixstowe, Lowestoft, Mildenhall and Stowmarket

This week the average price of unleaded at the pumps nationally is 150.12 pence and that of diesel is 158.13 pence – but are we paying more or less than the Suffolk average?

SuffolkNews conducted a survey on Wednesday – using data from – to see what motorists in the county are paying at the pump. The results may surprise you.

Anyone going on a long journey may want to plan their fuel stops, as average motorway fuel prices nationally are 170.4p/179.5p. But do we pay more or less in Suffolk?

Petrol and diesel prices are rising at the pumps. Image: Pixabay

We found that drivers in the province generally get a better deal than the national picture – but you may have to look for cheaper fuel in specific places (hint: go to Woolpit).

And according to our research, prices at Shell in Needham Market are among the highest in the province.


In Bury St Edmunds, ASDA is the cheapest place to fill up, at 145.7 pence per liter unleaded/154.7 pence per liter diesel, closely followed by Tesco and Sainsbury’s at 145.9 pence/154.9 pence.

Petrol and diesel prices are rising at the pumps. Image: Pixabay

Shell, on Newmarket Road, is still charging 154.9p/164.9p, making it the most expensive petrol station in the city this week.

But head out of town to Woolpit if you want what we think could be the cheapest fuel in the province, with the Murco, in Old Stowmarket Road, asking 140.9p/147.9p.

In the Brandon region, drivers pay 148.9p/158.9p at BP stations in London Road, Brandon and in Weeting.

At Mildenhall, Jet North Terrace charges 147.9p/156.9p, compared to the more expensive Shell station at the Fiveways roundabout, which charges 156.9p/165.9p.

Petrol and diesel prices are rising at the pumps. Image: Pixabay

Drivers in Newmarket can expect to pay 147.9p/156.9 at the town’s Tesco. Prices at other petrol stations in the Newmarket area range from Tesco prices to the 157.9p/166.9p charged at the BP outlets on the A14 eastbound and westbound at Newmarket.

Haverhill Sainsbury petrol station charges 148.9p/154.9p, while prices at Jet, in Manor Road, Haverhill, are set at 147.9p/153.9p and Sturmer Road Esso 149.9p/154.9p.

Fuel at Murco Stradishall costs 146.9p/155.9p and at Pace, in Wickhambrook, it costs 151.9p/155.9p.

Petrol and diesel prices are rising at the pumps. Image: Pixabay

In Stowmarket, Tesco charges 143.9p/152.9p, Esso 149.9p/156.9p and Tothill BP 150.9p/157.9p.


Co-op, in Stowupland, matches Tesco prices at 143.9/152.9p, but Norwich Road Shell, in Needham Market, is the most expensive petrol station in the area at 160.9p/169.9p.

In the Ipswich area, prices range from 142.9/151.9p at Sainsbury’s Warren Heath and 142.9/152.9p at Harvest Energy Bourne Bridge petrol station, to 159.9/167.9p at Shell Orwell Bridge Road.

Petrol and diesel prices are rising at the pumps. Image: Pixabay

A good place to fill up is the Esso Capel petrol station on the A12, which currently charges 141.9p/148.9p, making it one of the cheapest stations in the province.

The northbound Jet A12 (Capelgate) costs 144.9p/151.9p, while the BP Bentley petrol station across the road charges 149.9p/156.9p.

Heading into the Beccles area, Tesco Beccles is the cheapest at 147.9p/£155.9p, while Shell Beccles is the most expensive at 152.9p/162.9p.

In Lowestoft, ASDA could be the cheapest at 147.7p/154.7p and Shell, in the High Street, the most expensive at 149.9p/155.9p.

Petrol and diesel prices are rising at the pumps. Image: Pixabay

In Felixstowe, Morrisons charges 146.9p/154.9p – while Shell services at Felixstowe port are more expensive at 155.9p/167.9p.

In Woodbridge, the cheapest petrol station in town is Gulf Melton Road, with unleaded costing 152.9p/162.9p.

Shell stations on the A12 at Woodbridge charge 159.9p/167.9p, so drivers may be better off hitting the road to Tesco Extra Martlesham, where fuel is slightly cheaper at 145.9p/154.9p.

At Samkin of Saxmundham, in Chantry Road, no prices are reported for unleaded, but super unleaded is quoted at 165.9p and diesel at 161.9p, while in Leiston Esso Waterloo Avenue charges 145.9p/153.9p.

In Framlingham the Golf charges 144.7p/154.7p

Drivers in Brome can expect to pay 159.9p for diesel (no unleaded price stated) at the Gulf Devils Handbasin Garage, while the BP in Brockford charges 149.9p and 157.9p.

No data was available for the Tesco petrol station in Sudbury, so Sainsbury’s could be the cheapest place to fill up in the city at 146.9p/155.9p. The most expensive gas station in Sudbury (although not by much) is Esso, on Northern Road, at 148.9p/157.9p.

And finally, the Jet garage down the road in Hadleigh charges 151.9p/157.9p.