“That’s Not Something We Should Undo”: Robert Downey Jr.’s Return to Iron Man is less likely after what Kevin Feige told Hugh Jackman before Deadpool & Wolverine

Can we ever truly say goodbye to the heroes who have become such an integral part of our cinematic experience? The speculation about Robert Downey Jr.’s return to Iron Man have undeniably been a hot topic for every Marvel enthusiast, resulting in discussions on countless online platforms.

However, when Kevin Feige gave Hugh Jackman his candid yet poignant advice about not reprising the role of James Howlett in Deadpool & Wolverine, it proved to be a precursor to our beloved Iron Man’s story. The Marvel boss felt that James Mangold’s film Logan provided a fitting conclusion to Jackman’s portrayal of the mutant hero in 2017.

Robert Downey Jr. in and as Iron Man

As an avid observer who has sifted through interviews and analyzed box office hits, one can’t help but view Feige’s words as a barometer of creative integrity. But with Jackman’s return to Wolverine setting an exemplary standard,…