Miguel Pichetto played the debate on the Ley bases and confirmed: “If the Senado has cambios, the debates discuss only these articles”

The diputado Pichetto was destroying the project of Ley Bases, which is one of the naufragar in the camera baja (photo Adrián Escándar)

Miguel Ángel Pichetto takes a decision of the protagonists to celebrate the gobier of Javier Milei the media sanción with the leaders of the Ley bases. Negotiate and consider everything else at the same time. In the Rosada House, the governors, the Indian and the big companies have found themselves in a vulnerable position, having achieved their tradition of media sanción in the first half of the month of February, while in the month of April they consume. The process is disastrous: the first time you block 23 to 16 banks. If the federal coalition of Hacemos, which had to deal with the rupture of Elisa Carrió’s civilian coalition, has determined its new name.

Pichetto has con Infobae now the ultimate acontecimientos, la “rosca politics”Previous discussion that lasted until 25 hours. In the charla, the leader of the world who is profound in dialogue and sagacity, who has allowed the dismantling and reconstruction of an institutional institution to take place, who makes possible the conversion of the National Congress, who is a conqueror and a double , in a moment of negotiation before it is necessary to implement your plan.

“No discovery whatsoever, but also an aggressive action. Siempre trabajé para la gobernabilidad”, like Pichetto, who is aware of the message that the official presidency of when the three banks make a decision on the sea project.

Pichetto fue clave para destrabar aspectos claves del debate de la Ley Bases en Diputados (Gustavo Gavotti)

In business, the president of the bloc insists on the need for Gobier to establish a dialogue and razonable a relationship in order to advance in its main middle classes, so that he can “put ten little children in the comrades and the construction of mayors ” para poder sacar las leyes”. While the Charla was criticized by the asesor sin Carter, Federico Sturzenegger said that the plant’s functions were impossible to allow parliament to work with minimal checks on the constitution.

Pichetto is one of the oscilós in the world of politics, the sectors of the agro-industrial sector, the energy and the bodies to moderate the world and apply the influence of the economy as the escalation, or to a to bring about labor market reform that ex Techint, Julio Cordero, pretends to be extra large. Defend the central aspects of the promotion policy for major reversals – such as RIGI – with unique marcó differences; and if you have the impact of the absorption of the tabaco capsule, Pablo Otero is obliged to use more cigarettes.

More than explicit, personal political matters, and Elisa Carrió, regret the portazo they and their decision on the bloc and recovered their identity. In this way you admit that you can have a chance to include a greater number of sectors of “panperonismo”, which can help a member of the convocation, but that this is not the case with Kirchnerism.

-¿What is the perspective of the debate taking place in the Senado?

In the beginning, Gobierno has to reconcile with Congress, with the Senado and with the hacer attacks. For example, if you don’t question payroll, you know that the YPF directors can make me $77,000. This is the majority of US businesses in Texas. Is this in Argentina, which is not puede, which is not hay plata, it happens that a company is a mayor who has never been so old?

What concerns the factory is that the president of Milei can have a dialogue. In the debate in the Chamber of the Diputados that ends with the media sanción de la Ley Bases, the ministers who started the war with Guillermo Francos, the Jefe de Gabinete, Nicolás Posse, more with a perfil bajo, and José Rolandi, who conocer has led the Congreso. It is a conscience that Gobierno is a representative of 257 people and in the Senado with 72. It is a complete political art.

Karina Milei, Minister Francos en detrás, Vicejefe de Gabinete, José Rolandi (photo Adrián Escándar)

-The art of political acumen.

Exactly. The art of sharpness, not of aggressive actions; the art of dialogue, the art of writing can be a bigger point to be able to heal, to be able to start in April. No todo lo que yo quiero. There are a lot of people who are underage and play with cameras. El Gobierno has a dialogue. Dialogue is not important, there is no meaningful dialogue, the dialogue is propio of the congress.

The other topic is that the Senado will recover the mayor so that the commissions and the preliminary presidential elections can be established. Tuvo 39 votes. If this mayor’s dialogue and reconstruction is a fact that I have experienced with many previous experiences, it is possible that I can do this.

-¿Have you undergone a change?

Tampoco dramatizo mucho, te digo la verdad, Facundo. If you are faced with other changes, the Chamber of Diputados will tend to give the única treatment and exclude the changes exclusively for the Senado. You cannot discuss this in total. It is important that if the Senado changes one or more articles, the camera says that these articles are talking about these articles, but that is not the case. You can ratify the position of the Senate or ratify the previa with these tercios.

The president of the Hacemos Federal bloc, Miguel Pichetto (photo Adrián Escandar)

-¿El Gobierno tends to say that the salga is a shame to drive?

The first time the dramatization is the Gobierno. This is the parliamentary procedure that functions in both the U.S. Congress and the world’s major democracies. If the Senador camera is sold, there will be changes that are mainly for Gobierno. If you do something with other changes, there is no drama. La Cámara is a subject that the Senado has done and that a tocarlo is an independent Cámara, and it will be a aprobar. People know that the Cámara de Senadores represents the provinces and the diputados in the pueblo.

-This basic distinction can be made by different goals and interests.

Since it concerns the care in the provinces of Patagonia, which deals with Ganancias, with the petroleum, mining and trading activities, there are many good rewards. There is an interest in the gobernadores that does not exist, which is the necessity of recursions. If you are plata for your province, you can hold a budget forecast that the debate is sincere. Salvo Rogelio Frigerio (Entre Ríos), no recuerdo from the governor who has been able to reverse the reversal of Ganancias, while realizing everything necessary to increase the fiscal burden in the provinces. Aunque Ganancias told me that the Impuesto PAÍS, answer to the camino is possible.

-¿Do you want to know if the gobernadores will escape?

Gobernadores die miran la bandera y, mientras tanto, the Congress paga de prize junto with the presidente Milei to show the ley that the Impuesto could give to the Ganancias. Yes, it’s okay, it’s just a matter of playing. It’s a big deal that we’re in Congress. It is always the case that one of the general governors is concerned with the fact that mandarins have obtained their degrees. This is the solution. Martín Llaryora (Córdoba) had a lot of fun and his votaron diplomas, Frigerio is the mayor.

The President of Milei’s Reconnaissance on Pichetto through the Abolition of the Ley Bases, on the Official X List

-¿What is the question that the president of Milei made to apologize and compromise for the representatives of the Ley bases?

It is not important that the exploration takes place in any other way, because the relationship with Congress is a mutual relationship. If a marco is razonable, it can happen in the sanction of the eyes that Gobier does not need. So it’s what you do in the debate. Enter a dialogue with the intelligent, responsible person. No reconocimiento whatsoever, but tampoco quiero aggressiones. It is the spirit given to gobernabilidad. Before I got started, it’s not that important.