Colombia vs Argentina national team live today South American Women U-20 | Colombia selection

Colombia National Team 1-1 Argentina on date 4 of the final group of the South American Women’s U-20 and the chances of fighting for the title are diminishing.

Colombia 1-1 Argentina


Minute 99: The judge reviewed the game with the help of VAR and ruled that Ludueña’s handball was not the result, so no penalty for Colombia

Minute 90+4: Penalty in favor of Colombia. Belén Ludueña puts a hand in the area and there is a chance for the Colombians, although she checks the VAR

Minute 90+3: Colombia tries to reach the Argentinian goal to score the winning goal, but there is still no key play

Minute 90: Add four minutes

Minute 85: Argentina tries to get closer via stationary balls and takes advantage of corner kicks, but it doesn’t work

Minute 80: The match remains tied at one goal and there are not many options in the goals

Minute 75: The match lowers the intensity and allows recovery time for both teams

Minute 65: Change in Colombia. Daniela Garavito enters and Juana Ortegón leaves

Minute 61: Argentina goal. Vero Acuña managed to use a perfect diagonal and scored under goalkeeper Luisa Agudelo. 1-1

Minute 55: Colombia maintains results with ball possession, but Argentina is slowly closing in

Minute 46: Maithé López enters Colombia and Ana Milé González leaves


Colombia 1-0 Argentina


Minute 45: Add one minute

Minute 34: Argentina generates its first big option through Kishi Núñez, but the ball hits the post

Minute 30: Colombia maintains its lead and Argentina does not pose much danger

Minute 25: Colombia goal. Gabriela Rodríguez finished outside the area and hit goalkeeper Aprile

Minute 20: Goalkeeper Aprile takes over a dangerous ball from Colombia. Argentina safe

Minute 15: There is still no clear play in the match, but Colombia keeps the ball

Minute 5: Colombia dominates possession and Argentina waits for the coffee makers